• Gamified

    Our workouts involve challenge and chance. Not only will you be slinging dumbbells around to bash monsters, they'll fight back with the roll of the dice.

  • Accessible

    With just a pair of dumbbells and a small space, you'll be able to challenge yourself with intense workouts in a dungeon-sized space!

  • Fun!

    Working out is too damn serious all the time and we aim to throw a Cure Disease potion on it. Our workouts are built to be fun, engaging with built in coolness.

FREE Mythic Program

Dive into the Mythic system for a week and experience a fitness program like no other. It’s not just about transforming your body—it’s about becoming part of a legend. Are you ready to unleash your inner demi-god? Join us for free and carve your path.

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The Mythic Program

Download the FULL 4-Week Mythic Program today!

  • 24 Progressively Programmed Workouts
  • At-Home Workouts that require minimal equipment
  • D20 Dice Rolling can change every workout
  • Earn Valor Badges for your extraordinary effort
  • Battle Monsters & Boss Monsters every week
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