Hail, mighty adventurers!

Back in the distant year of 2013, I found myself weary from the relentless grind of high-intensity training, the crushing burden of heavy weights, and the struggle of a chaotic diet. My quest for health seemed doomed, plagued by the specters of under-eating, incessant snacking, and overtraining.

But deep within, I knew there had to be a better path, a way to reclaim the joy of fitness. Thus, I forged new workouts, transforming exercise into an epic adventure. Fitness became not just a routine but a grand quest, one that I eagerly shared with my comrades.

I sought the holy grail: fun, strength, visible muscles, and the freedom to live a vibrant life beyond the gym’s walls. No longer would we be chained to endless hours of toil.

And so, Nerdstrong was born—a sanctuary for those who yearn for quests and life-changing challenges. As my fellow nerds and I grew stronger and more radiant, we realized we had discovered something extraordinary, something the world needed to experience.

Today, I share these legendary workouts and more with you!

Your journey with fitness should bring freedom and peace. You need not wage war against your body to achieve greatness.

Join us, and let’s transform your life together. We’ve already changed thousands of lives across the globe with our unique approach to nutrition and fitness. We eagerly await the chance to change yours!

Onward to glory,


Free Workouts
  • Gamified

    Our workouts involve challenge and chance. Not only will you be slinging dumbbells around to bash monsters, they'll fight back with the roll of the dice.

  • Accessible

    With just a pair of dumbbells and a small space, you'll be able to challenge yourself with intense workouts in a dungeon-sized space!

  • Fun!

    Working out is too damn serious all the time and we aim to throw a Cure Disease potion on it. Our workouts are built to be fun, engaging with built in coolness.

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FREE Mythic Program

Dive into the Mythic system for a week and experience a fitness program like no other. It’s not just about transforming your body—it’s about becoming part of a legend. Are you ready to unleash your inner demi-god? Join us for free and carve your path.

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The Mythic Program

Download the FULL 4-Week Mythic Program today!

  • 24 Progressively Programmed Workouts
  • At-Home Workouts that require minimal equipment
  • D20 Dice Rolling can change every workout
  • Earn Valor Badges for your extraordinary effort
  • Battle Monsters & Boss Monsters every week
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