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Free Week of the Mythic Program

Free Week of the Mythic Program

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Embark on a legendary fitness quest with our free one-week sample of the Nerdstrong Mythic Program! This introductory program offers a glimpse into a world where every workout is an epic adventure designed to challenge your body and ignite your spirit.

Here’s what the first chapter of your heroic journey includes:

  • Six Heroic Workouts: Each day unfolds a new challenge straight from the sagas, meticulously designed to test your strength, endurance, and agility.

  • Includes:

    • Day 1: Midgard’s Awakening - Awaken your inner warrior with foundational full-body exercises.
    • Day 2: The Call of the Valkyries - Enhance your speed and responsiveness to prove your worth to the Valkyries.
    • Day 3: Odin’s Eye - Focus on precision and tactical skill in your movements, under the watchful gaze of Odin.
    • Day 4: Gjallarhorn’s Call - Test your endurance with intense cardio and resilience drills.
    • Day 5: Thor's Hammer Strike - Build explosive power with dynamic strength training.
    • Day 6: The Clash with Fenrir - A Boss Monster workout that combines elements from the week into a formidable test of all your skills.

  • Features:

    • Dice of Fate: Roll the D20 to alter your fate in each workout, adding an element of Norse unpredictability.
    • Valor Points: Track your progress and earn points that reflect your heroic achievements and efforts.

  • Benefits:

    • Forge a Warrior’s Physique: Gain strength and muscle through rigorous workouts.
    • Enhance Your Warrior Spirit: Boost your stamina and mental toughness.
    • Battle-Ready Reflexes: Improve your agility and reaction time with speed drills.

Dive into the Norse Workout Saga for a week and experience a fitness program like no other. It’s not just about transforming your body—it’s about becoming part of a legend. Are you ready to unleash your inner Viking? Join us for free and carve your path to Valhalla.

Your epic story begins here!

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