Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the Chasm

Quest Log

As you advance deeper into Eldergrove, you encounter a vast chasm blocking your path to the temple. The only way across is a series of narrow, treacherous bridges and stepping stones. As a Druid, you must use your agility and balance to traverse these precarious pathways. The chasm is guarded by the spirit of nature, which will test your connection to the natural world. Prove your harmony with nature, and the spirit will allow you to pass. The spirit has 8 HP. If you manage to reduce its HP to 0, you can safely cross to the other side.

Character Class

  • Druid: Focus on agility and balance with bodyweight movements and light weights.

Battle Type

  • Agility and Balance (Full Body)

Battle Structure

  • Type: 4x 5-minute AMRAPs with 1-minute rest between each AMRAP
  • Goal: Complete as many rounds as possible within each 5-minute segment, then roll the D20 for damage to the nature spirit.

Battle Movements

  1. Nature's Step (Single-Leg Balance with Dumbbell Curl, 10 reps per side)
  2. Spirit Leap (Lateral Lunges, 12 reps per side)
  3. Chasm Crawl (Bear Crawls, 20 meters)
  4. Elemental Flow (Alternating Dumbbell Press, 10 reps per side)
  5. Bridge Walk (Walking Lunges, 10 reps per side)

Challenging Weight or Rep Count or Timing

  • Nature's Step: Use 10-15 lbs dumbbells
  • Elemental Flow: Use 15-25 lbs dumbbells


  • Druid’s Harmony: If you complete 4 rounds within any AMRAP, reduce the reps by 2 for the next AMRAP.

D20 Roll

  • 1-7: The spirit tests your balance. Add 5 reps to Nature's Step.
  • 8-16: You find your center. Do 1 HP of damage to the nature spirit.
  • 17-20: You move with perfect harmony. Do 2 HP of damage to the nature spirit and receive 2 XP points.

End of Battle Cooldown

  • Perform stretches focusing on the legs, core, and shoulders with forward bends, seated twists, and child's pose.


  • Chasm Conqueror: Complete more than 4 rounds in any AMRAP.
  • Balance Master: Complete the workout without missing any Nature's Step reps.
  • Druid’s Valor: Use the challenging weight for all movements throughout the workout.

Skill Notes

  • Nature's Step (Single-Leg Balance with Dumbbell Curl): Stand on one leg, hold a dumbbell, and perform a bicep curl while maintaining balance. Switch legs after completing the reps. Alternative: Use no weight if balancing is too difficult.
  • Spirit Leap (Lateral Lunges): Step out to the side, keeping your trailing leg straight, and lower your hips. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Alternative: Reduce the depth of the lunge if needed.
  • Chasm Crawl (Bear Crawls): Start on all fours, lift your knees slightly off the ground, and move forward by alternating opposite hand and foot. Alternative: Perform on knees for reduced intensity.
  • Elemental Flow (Alternating Dumbbell Press): Press one dumbbell overhead while holding the other at shoulder height, then alternate. Alternative: Use lighter weights if needed.
  • Bridge Walk (Walking Lunges): Keep your torso upright and take large steps, lowering until your back knee nearly touches the ground. Alternative: Static lunges if space is limited.
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