Wizard's Trial

Wizard's Trial

Battle Structure

  • Type: AMRAP
  • Duration: 12 minutes
  • Goal: Aim to complete as many rounds as possible, maintaining consistent effort.

Battle Movements

  • Staff Swings (Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings, 15 reps)
  • Enchanted Crawls (Bear Crawls, 20 meters or 1 minute in small space)
  • Potion Lifts (Thrusters, 10 reps)

Challenge Weight

  • Staff Swings: 16-24 kg
  • Potion Lifts: 20-30 lbs


  • Magician's Mastery: Every 3 rounds, perform a 30-second wallsit against a wall to increase stability & core control.

D20 Roll

  • 1-5: Add 5 reps to Potion Lifts.
  • 6-10: Increase the distance of Enchanted Crawls by 10 meters.
  • 11-15: Add 5 squats to Staff Swings.
  • 16-20: Gain a magical shield—skip the next round's Bear Crawls.

End of Battle

  • Cooldown: Stretch with yoga poses focusing on flexibility and relaxation, such as downward dog and child's pose.
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