Dungeon Delve

Dungeon Delve

Battle Type

  • Circuit

Battle Structure

  • Type: 5 Stations, 3 Rounds
  • Goal: Complete each station for 1 minute, transitioning quickly between exercises.

Battle Movements

  1. Trapdoor Jumps (Box Jumps or Chair Jumps)
  2. Dungeon Crawl (Bear Crawls)
  3. Goblin Punches (Shadow Boxing)
  4. Treasure Lift (Deadlifts)
  5. Dragon Breaths (Mountain Climbers)

Challenging Weight or Rep Count or Timing

  • Treasure Lift: 30-40 lbs dumbbells


  • Delver's Challenge: If you complete more than 20 reps at any station, add 10 seconds to your rest period between rounds.

D20 Roll (after each round, determining your fate on the next round)

  • 1-5: Add 5 more reps to Dragon Breaths (more challenging).
  • 6-10: Add a pulse at the bottom of each Trapdoor Jump.
  • 11-15: Reduce the reps for Treasure Lift by 3.
  • 16-20: Skip the next set of Goblin Punches (benefit by reducing strain).

End of Battle Cooldown

  • Perform stretches focusing on the legs, arms, and core with forward bends, quad stretches, and child's pose.


  • Dungeon Master: Complete more than 20 reps at all stations in one round.
  • Treasure Hunter: Use the challenging weight for all Treasure Lifts.
  • Dragon Slayer: Finish the workout without missing any reps in Dragon Breaths.

Skill Notes

  • Trapdoor Jumps (Box Jumps or Chair Jumps): Focus on soft landings and jumping with both feet. Alternative: Step-ups for reduced impact.
  • Dungeon Crawl (Bear Crawls): Start on all fours, lift your knees slightly off the ground, and move forward by alternating opposite hand and foot. Alternative: Perform on knees for reduced intensity.
  • Goblin Punches (Shadow Boxing): Throw punches in the air, keeping your core tight and moving quickly. Alternative: Use light weights for added resistance.
  • Treasure Lift (Deadlifts): Keep your back straight, hinge at the hips, and lower the dumbbells to mid-shin. Alternative: Romanian deadlifts with a lighter weight.
  • Dragon Breaths (Mountain Climbers): Run in place, bringing your knees towards your chest. Alternative: March in place for lower intensity.
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