D20 Workout - Lower Body


  • Number of Rounds: 3
  • Timed Parameters: Fixed intervals each round (45s work/15s rest throughout).


  • Dumbbell Movement 1: Deadlifts
  • Bodyweight Movement 2: Bulgarian Split Squats (using a chair)
  • Dumbbell Movement 3: Sumo Squats
  • Cardio (based on d20 roll):
    • 1-5: Shuttle Runs (in a small space, marked by two points)
    • 6-10: Lateral Hops (over a line or low object like a rolled towel)
    • 11-16: Quick Step-Ups (using a chair)
    • 17-20: Rest

SideQuests (Roll the dice before each round to activate one)

  • Load Lift (Roll 1-5): Increase the weight for Deadlifts this round.
  • Precision Pulse (Roll 6-10): Add a small pulse at the lowest point of the Sumo Squats for extra tension.
  • Endurance Enhancer (Roll 11-16): Perform Bulgarian Split Squats for an additional 15 seconds this round.

Skill Notes

  • Deadlifts: Keep your back straight, bend at the hips and knees to grip the dumbbells. Lift by straightening your hips and knees, not your back. Keep the dumbbells close to your legs throughout.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats: Place one foot on a chair behind you. Lower your body by bending your front knee, keeping your torso upright and your front knee aligned with your ankle.
  • Sumo Squats: Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out. Bend your knees and lower your hips to a squat, keeping your chest up and back straight. The pulse adds intensity, enhancing muscular endurance.
  • Shuttle Runs: Use a short distance to run back and forth quickly, turning sharply at each end.
  • Lateral Hops: Stand beside a line or towel and hop sideways over it and back, keeping your feet together and staying light on your toes.
  • Quick Step-Ups: Step up onto a chair and back down at a fast pace, alternating the leading leg.
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