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21-15-9 reps of:
Air Squat
Reverse Lunge

(Do 21x reps of each movement, then 15x of each, then 9x of each)


10 Rounds:
50 Yard Sprint
10x Jump Squat

10 Rounds
10x Situps
10x Pushups
10x Squats

During the commercial of your favorite show...
- Hold Plank Position
- Do Situps
- Do Pushups
- Hold Wallsit Position

5 rounds
20x Pushups
30x Bench Dips
45 sec Wall Sit
30x Russian Twist

5 rounds
60 sec Plank
30x Flutter Kicks
20x Diamond Pushups
30x Squat

5 rounds
30x Mountain Climbers
30x Calf Raise
30sec Shadow Box
30x Reverse Lunges