“ all make me feel like part of the team, even on days like today when my workout is completely different.

It means so much to me that you guys treat me as a serious athlete and peer. That's how I know I found a real home here. Thank you, nerd family.”

  • Sam, 2015

“I've been at Nerdstrong for just over 6 months now. In this time, I've noticed myself being able to embrace the things I love without guilt. When I play video games or learn DnD for hours on end, it's purely because I'm enjoying it rather than trying to forget who I am. I know that I'm healthy and I know how to stay that way. I am in control of all of the things I used to think controlled me.”

  • Aaron, 2017

“Nerdstrong is a community built around a gym. The coaches are committed to helping give you the best workout they can while ensuring that your form is correct which is very important to me. The workouts are challenging and engaging. I have to say I’ve never encountered a gym were the community at the gym is so supportive. This is what has kept me coming back on a daily and weekly basis and I’m the healthier for it!”

  • Erin, 2018

KIM - Feb 2015

"I’ve always been a plus sized gal, and I have always been good about getting to the gym my entire adult life even though I didn’t look like it.  Last July, I had been taking dance fitness classes 3-4 times a week for several years as well as following a strict reduced calorie diet, but I just wasn’t seeing any results.  I went to countless doctors and always got the same advice, “See a nutritionist (or join Weight Watchers) and keep up the aerobic exercise classes.”  I would always ask the doctors about stepping up my strength training and got the same look of pity, the same look that said, “This lady isn’t doing any of the activities she claims.  Just look at her!”  So, I had made the decision to go try strength training.  I had heard the horror stories of coaches yelling at you until you collapse in a heap of tears, so I was pretty intimidated, but determined.  Then a friend posted information about a local nerd gym’s upcoming movie night with themed workout to follow the next day.  I’m sorry, excuse me, nerd gym?  Hey, I’m a nerd!  I’m listening!  I visited the website and scheduled my evaluation immediately.  Best decision I made in years!  

Everyone high-fives each other at the end of class with, “Hey, you killed it today!” or “Amazing job today!” You are welcome in this space.

I immediately realized that yes indeed, I needed weight and strength training in a major way.  I started coming to classes.  Nobody yelled at me.  I was the largest, slowest and weakest in the class.  I’m the only one that gave me a hard time about that.  Everyone high-fives each other at the end of class with, “Hey, you killed it today!”  or “Amazing job today!”  You are welcome in this space.  Always.  The coaches make you feel that way.  The other members make you feel that way.  My first evaluation workout was tough, but I finished at 11 and a half minutes.  My flexibility and strength quite frankly, sucked.  Once sitting on the floor, getting up was an elaborate process that wasn’t pretty.  That was July.  

Now it is February, and I just redid my evaluation workout at 7 and a half minutes.  My flexibility is so much better.  I am strong now and getting stronger.  I get up off the floor in a much less elaborate process and it is officially no big deal.  

To say that this wonderful gym full of wonderful people has changed my life is an understatement.  I have fitness, community and friendship in my corner now.  Does your gym do that?"

“The workouts are always unique and challenging. During the week there are classes that work on different movement sets. Weightlifting, running, rowing, and bodyweight exercises are all rolled into the classes. The Sunday class is where the Nerdstrong theme really shines. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, D&D, Mad Max, even Greek mythology are all turned into workouts that are fun and challenging.”
— Michael B. via Yelp

Tyler - Jan 2015

"The gym [Nerdstrong] we go to is amazing. One of the reasons I never got into working out was that most gyms don't actually want you there. I've had memberships at other gyms before, and I'd go a few times, get overwhelmed with no direction, end up on the elliptical for 45 minutes, then bail. Nerdstrong Gym is all class based, so I'm going 3-4 times a week, getting an hour long, guided workout, and working with an awesome, incredibly supportive group of people. My first night, we did a baseline workout. It KILLED me. As I was sitting outside, trying to to throw up (I failed), people showing up for the class after our appointment approached me and talked to me about my workout and how I was feeling, and told me that that aspect would definitely get better. It wasn't pity, it was genuine empathy, from people who had been at the exact same place I was. Every other gym I've been to, I've felt judged. None of that here."

“Nerdstrong prides itself on teaching proper form and exercising safely, as opposed to many Crossfit gyms I’m aware of that push people too hard and end up injuring their clients. The environment is fun and inclusive, and they never push you further than you should go, especially if you have any existing conditions or injuries.”
— Robert via Yelp

KIMI - Sept 2014

Before. 2013.

I am a cosplayer. That means that my free time is spent creating costumes and dressing up as characters from pop culture, mostly my favorite comic book characters. The big problem? I wasn’t in superhero shape. I come from a background of competitive sports and physical fitness, but my lifestyle changed drastically when I left college to become a full-blown adult with a “real job.” Now firmly in my 30s, my sedentary life had changed me from someone who could swim 4 hours a day into someone who got winded going up a flight of stairs. I love my job, but I didn’t love what it was doing to my body.

After. 2014. Photo Courtesy: , 2014

After. 2014.
Photo Courtesy:, 2014

Enter Nerdstrong Gym. I was finally tired of feeling out of shape, so I joined after seeing the amazing results that my friends were getting. That first workout was a shock. I couldn’t believe how weak I had become! I couldn’t even do a proper squat because my hips couldn’t support my weight! Andrew, the coach that started Nerdstrong, was very patient and helpful. He created workouts that fit my abilities but were still challenging. I could start to feel changes in my body after only a few small-group sessions, and after a few weeks I started attending more workouts. For the first time in my life, I was having FUN going to the gym! It didn’t feel like a chore and I looked forward to each workout day.

Andrew is an amazing coach. Trust me, I’ve trained with a lot of coaches in my time. He is fun and encouraging, but doesn’t let you give anything but your best. He designs creative workouts and is great at tweaking them for each individual person’s ability level. The gym culture that he has created at Nerdstrong is positive and encouraging. You really feel like you are part of a community where everyone wants you to succeed.

Five months later, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m now going to the gym at least three times a week, and feel better than I have since I was a teenager. My body looks toned and strong, I’ve lost almost two inches off my waist, and I actually weigh less than I did in high school! All the hard work continues to pay off.

"Not only do I look like a super hero, I feel like a super hero."

Thank you, Nerdstrong!

“Nerdstrong has been perfect for me. It feels like having a personal trainer. And for someone like me, who was basically starting at ZERO fitness wise...that one-on-one attention has helped me feel confident and motivated.”
— Marilyn

I drive an hour (round trip) several times a week for the last five months, for Nerdstrong Gym, because Andrew and all of the fit nerds there keep me going! And that’s worth every minute of the effort, and every penny of the expense.
— Jin