An eight-week fitness challenge in Los Angeles where Nerdstrong Heroes will have their metaphorical mutant gene activated, unlocking their superheroic potential. Using super-fun gamified workouts, in addition to Nerdstrong Gym's proven approach to training, this quick-start challenge will help you slay the demons that stand in the way of your health and fitness dreams! 

Everyday, someone out there starts a fitness journey that they never complete. There are a lot of reasons why, but at the top of the list:

"Working out isn't fun!"

Gyms can be infuriating, instructors can be loud and aggressive, and training to reach your goals always seems like a trek through Mordor. 

Nerdstrong knows: fitness doesn't have to be that way! 

Nerdstrong is committed to being the most awesome gym in the existence. The workouts are gamified and themed, the coaches are super-nerds who love to teach, and our community is the most diverse and supportive in the history of the known universe. We want you to become the superhero you've always wanted to be, and actually enjoy the journey -- that's why we're here.

Project Rebirth is an 8-week fitness challenge for Heroes interested in getting a superboost to their transformation, by helping you through your biggest fitness hurdles by focusing on the following: 

  • Consistency:  The key to learning anything is focused practice over time. Just slaying a solitary goblin won't get you to level 20.
  • Tracking:  Identifying clear, meaningful, personal benchmarks you can train toward. Think of it like documenting your real-life experience points.
  • Accountability: Having a friend, family member, or community like Nerdstrong, that will keep you motivated and make sure you keep working toward your goals.

Project Rebirth is designed specifically to support you in these areas, plus a whole lot more. Here's just a sliver of what the the challenge offers:

  • Nerdstrong's Themed and Gamified Workouts that make working out fun and exciting!
  • Body Composition Measurements to set your superheroic fitness goal and make them happen!
  • Digital Personalized Fitness Tracking so you can track your real life experience!
  • Weekly Accountability Sessions that will keep you motivated and consistent in your transformation!

In no time, you'll be punching through brick walls, juggling tanks, and bringing down dragons!



Your Project Rebirth challenge Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Project Rebirth-Only Workouts: ($200 value)  Fun, themed and gamified workouts, custom-programmed to create the greatest amount of change in the shortest amount of time.
  • Before & After Body Composition and Nutrition Consultations: ($150 Value) Our SuperFriends at Fit-Fax will measure your body composition to give you the intel you need to track progress and break limits during your Project Rebirth Challenge.
  • TrainHeroic Fitness Tracking: ($40 Value) Each Project Rebirth Hero will gain access to the TrainHeroic Digital Fitness Tracking App and our custom Project Rebirth Challenge Course -- used to guide Heroes through logging their workouts at the end of each Project Rebirth class.
  • At-Home Daily Bonus Workouts: ($40 Value) Looking to earn some extra experience points? We will update the TrainHeroic App with daily workouts you can perform from your home, workplace, or hotel.
  • Project Rebirth Training Manual: ($20 Value) This manual will aid you in your Project Rebirth experience with tips, tricks, and tools to make sure you get the most out of your challenge.
  • Weekly Accountability Sessions:  Each Project Rebirth class will include a group accountability session: Coaches and Heroes come together to openly discuss setbacks and triumphs encountered throughout the week, providing tools and support to help you remain consistent on your heroic journey.
  • The Project Rebirth Secret Forum:  A private Facebook group to give you a direct line to Gym Masters and fellow Heroes. Find motivation, cheer on your peers, improve your movements, and make new friends within our world-renowned Nerdstrong community!
  • Nerdstrong Project Rebirth Limited Edition Swag: (Are you kidding? Infinite Value) Oh yes, there will be collectibles. And you'll only be able to get them through the Project Rebirth Challenge...

sold out

$149 ($199) Early Bird Enrollment availble until Jan. 5th!

*Workouts are exclusive to Project Rebirth Challengers and are not included in the Unlimited Membership.

*Workouts take place Sunday afternoons, starting January 14th, at at Nerdstrong in North Hollywood, CA.

Nerdstrong Gym Superhero landing


Who is this challenge for?

Project Rebirth is for everyone, you don't need to have a Nerdstrong membership to join and it's perfect for heroes of all fitness levels. 

As you may have guessed, most Nerdstrongers are nerds first, fitness people second.

That's why the Project Rebirth challenge is designed to make sure you reach your goals and still have time for all the stuff you love (and have) to do in life. Like preparing your spellbook for the inevitable demonpocalypse.

Do you want to get stronger, feel healthier, look better, fight an entire horde of orcs more single handedlyer?

We will help you get there!

We understand that fitness can be a challenge, so don't worry about anyone screaming over your shoulder. That's not us. Our goal is to create a physically safe and fun environment for you to blow past everything holding you back while practicing, tracking, and staying accountable to ensure you hit your superhero goals in record time!

Our trained and knowledgeable Gym Masters (okay, fine, coaches!) will be with you to help you brainstorm some goals, but ultimately it will be your choice to make.

Once you choose a goal, we're gonna help you get there!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained for eons, or if this is your first-ever step into a gym, we are committed to seeing you level up, supporting you with a community that is mathematically more awesome than a supernova.

Who wants to be boring, regular strong when you can be Nerdstrong?

Sold out

$149 ($199) until Jan. 5th!


*Workouts take place Sunday afternoons, starting January 14th, at at Nerdstrong in North Hollywood, CA.


due to the size of the facility
a limited number of spots are available