Who is NSGO for?


Nerdstrong GO is for those who may be too busy, can’t join us at Nerdstrong, can’t afford an expensive gym membership, or just feel intimidated about going to a gym. Our workouts can be done with extremely limited equipment or just bodyweight, taking less than an hour and completely scalable. We provide a growing library of all of our older workouts, benchmarks, our D20 Workouts, themed workouts and special challenges and an ever-growing movement video demo library. Nerdstrong GO provides workouts for all levels of fitness.

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What’s Included?

The Nerdstrong GO includes different versions of the daily program. The first version you will see is the daily programming from our gym in North Hollywood and the second version is the at home version that you can do with limited space and little to no equipment. You’ll also have access to our entire movement library.

You will have access to

  • Weekly workouts with equipment and no-equipment versions.

  • Movement library (growing every week).

  • Private Instagram account to view a demo of every workout, every day. 

  • Private Facebook Group where you can connect with the Nerdstrong GO community and have direct access to Head Coach Andrew and the entire Nerdstrong Staff.

Starting at Level 0? Super experienced?
That’s okay. This system is for you.

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NERDSTRONG GO is designed for those who may be new to this type of training or experienced that need something new, those returning from illness or injury, seniors, even your whole family! NSGO is programmed for 3 days/week + 1x weekend workout. Of course, you can attack our program at your own pace. As always, you have access to us to ask questions, advice or help with any movement or progression. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Still not sure?

Every monthly membership comes with a 72-hour trial period where you get to decide if NERDSTRONG GO is right for you. After that trial period, you will be billed the full monthly amount of $27.