the workouts


Daily Workout

Six days/week of Nerdstrong programming which includes a body weight + dumbbell version that you can do at home. (You might have to add a platform or bench for things like step-ups or modified pushups.) All versions of the daily workouts also include alternate movements and modifications to make the workout work for you! 


Boss Monsters

A ferocious & challenging workout. This is the Nerdstrong way of bench-marking your performance by a truly difficult but achievable workout. Boss Monster are supposed to be a grind (or “slog” as we call them at the gym). You may not beat the Boss Monster the first time you fight it, but with daily practice and growth, that Boss Monster will fall and drop awesome fitness loot.


Power. Lift.

We teamed with one of West Coast’s most exciting team of nerdy lifters, Hyper Strength & Conditioning, to create one of the best power-lifting & Olympic Lifting programs. Gain strength, speed, capacity and power like you were blasted with gamma radiation. Take this program with you to your gym today!


Train with Us

Need remote coaching or 1-on-1 coaching? You can work with the experts at Nerdstrong to achieve your goals, coach you through your progress and focus your abilities to gain superior strength, nutritional awareness and change your mindset to fitness.