There's only one Nerdstrong (noun), but how you Nerdstrong (verb) is up to you.



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Want faster or more focused results? Connecting with one of our expert Nerdstrong coaches will definitely take you to the next level. Work one-on-one or in a semi-private training session. It’s all about you and your goals, so, let’s press start on this next level!

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Secret of the Dark Lift - Once you've gained the required level of XP and shown amazing abilities, you might be invited to this underground lifting community. Once your in, you’re in.

This is Sparta! - Want to prepare for that next obstacle race that requires speed, agility, grip, intensity and tenacity? Let us help you prepare with specialized personal training built specifically for that next big race.

Nerdstrong24 - After you completed many quests, gained the trust of the local townsfolk and made friends with those in high places, you can add-on to your membership 24-hour access to the gym. It’s like having a private gym on-call when you need it most.

NerdstrongGO - (coming soon) Need workouts on your phone at a different gym or at home then NerdstrongGO is just for you. For one low monthly fee, you’ll get our in gym programming and special at-home workouts five days a week! That’s fraking amazing!