Hypernerd 90-Day Lifting Program

Hypernerd 90-Day Lifting Program

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Upgrade your lifts with this guided 3-month program from the minds of Hyper Strength & Nerdstrong. Includes detailed program, demo videos, sample meal plan and access to Nerdstrong coaches.

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Welcome to the Hypernerd 90-Day Lifting Program

This 12 week program is design to increase your strength and skills with the prime lifts like Bench Press, Deadlift, Barbell Squat, plus, it’s combined with challenging bodyweight and supplemental workouts specifically designed by the power minds at Hyper Strength & Conditioning. This plan is perfect for those just beginning a lifting program or those looking for something different.


  • Detailed 12-week program

  • Nutritional breakdown

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Access to Nerdstrong and Hyper Strength coaches

  • Demo videos for all movements