Nerdstrong 4 Week Program

Nerdstrong 4 Week Program


Nerdstrong has developed this amazing at home 4-week program to help you get fit at your own pace with no equipment needed! You can do this on your own or with friends. It’s simple, fun and helps you build that great foundation to your fitness adventure!

Let's Do This!

Getting started on your fitness journey is difficult. Especially when you believe that you need to have a gym membership, a bunch of equipment and a trainer. Plus, we live in a world that wants to keep you inside and alone.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can start today with our new and super simple 4-week At Home Program built by Nerdstrong Coaches! Featuring simple movements that are progressive and use absolutely no equipment! This program is perfect for the beginner and we all begin somewhere. It’s best to stick with the bodyweight movements in the beginning as well. Why? Because bodyweight movements are the quickest to recover from and learning them is easy with instructional videos from Nerdstrong linked to each movement!

We’ve all started and restarted and restarted. It’s hard. We get it. I was 38, out of shape and tired of being tired. The best thing for me was learning how to do pushups, squats and other bodyweight movements correctly before starting any weighted versions of the movements. Believe me, nothing feels better than be competent handling your own bodyweight. You’ll feel accomplished and worthy of anything thrown at you.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s fitness science and you can be your own experiment.

I tell everyone in the gym, that everyday is a great day to experiment with what you do, what you’re capable of and redefining who you are. No one knows better than you! So, lets’ get to it. Let’s find out what you’re made of and what you know you can do. WE BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU ARE NERDSTRONG!!