Group Classes with
the Best Humanoids

Our classes are limited to 20 slots in order for you to receive focused coaching!





A full body workout utilizing a combo of movements in stations: cardio, weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, gymnastics, and bodyweight exercises, Battle Stations are varied and intense every week. Movement can be personalized to launch you safely and effectively toward your fitness goals. Plus, we love having new heroes join our adventuring party, so you'll always meet someone who'll have your back when the darkness comes!



Ever wanted to try fighting Thanos? Defeating Doctor Wily? Felling a great wyrm? Taking down Voldemort? Each Boss Monster is a fight to exhaustion. These tough workouts are designed to push you to the max, even if you're completely new to the gym. These are sure to get your heart racing, your body moving, and your mind focused. 



(Confirm with any Nerdstrong Coach before attending this class) From a multi-week Dungeons & Dragons style RPG workout called Iron Heroes, to a randomly themed super-fun nerd-centric fitness circus called The Brian Show.  The Stronghold classes are a weekly surprise, the movements range from olympic lifting moments to Interval Weight Training.  If you're daring, Stronghold is the class for you. 



Become a Fitness Wizard! Our weekday class that can be just about anything we throw into the gym. From pure strength using barbells, to Battle Station work to our conditioning class called Stat Builder. We’ll break movements down and focus on form over intensity. We believe that variety to the essence to great fitness and our Foundations class does exactly that.


“Nerdstrong is a community built around a gym. The coaches are committed to helping give you the best workout they can while ensuring that your form is correct which is very important to me. The workouts are challenging and engaging. I have to say I’ve never encountered a gym were the community at the gym is so supportive. This is what has kept me coming back on a daily and weekly basis and I’m the healthier for it!”

“It's simply the best personalized gym in LA. Fantastic workouts, top of the line equipment, and the best coaches and trainers around. Oh and all of the workouts are themed around pop culture, comics, movies, games and more. Classes for all levels, classes for the more advanced, and private coaching sessions. On top of all the great stuff above, is a community that's that is the heart of Nerdstrong: a support team to help you achieve your goals, both in the gym, and in your overall fitness adventure.”

“Nerdstrong is the place to be to get your fitness on. Supportive, fun, and extremely inclusive, you can guarantee you’ll never experience the gym woes at Nerdstrong. With a month + under my belt I can say with confidence that I would recommend this gym to all, regardless of what your passion may be about.”



Get a head start on your fitness adventure with Nerdstrong!

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It's rough to start your fitness journey. You're feeling alone. No one at the gym will help. Online resources can only be so helpful because they just don't know you personally. Your goals. Your expectations. What YOU need. 

That's where the experts at Nerdstrong come in. We can help you set up your fitness journey. Step-by-step. Day-by-day. You'll feel stronger, better and more confident to take on your adventures.

A Personal Note from Coach Andrew 

Let me tell you a story about me. I was 38, overweight, desk job and I was tired. Not just tired because of work or stress but my body just couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. For me, that sucked.

I felt hopeless. I suffered from anxiety attacks almost daily.

At the top of the stairs. Out of breath. I made a decision. I was TIRED OF BEING TIRED. No more! This body was made to move (even as awkwardly as I do) and I was going to start moving it.

Have you made that kind of decision yet?

Has something happened in your life to push you over the edge?

Nerdstrong saved my life. Well, that's what I believe. More to the point, a healthy lifestyle saved me both physically and mentally. My panic attacks subsided, my weight went down and, for the first time in my life, I had muscles that I could see...through a shirt! :)

But where Nerdstrong helped me the most was in community. Friends. My gaming party. The road of the fitness adventure is long, but if we have community, the road doesn't seem that long. 

So, if you feel alone, if you feel discouraged, don't worry. We are here for you.

Let's go! Let's start this adventure!

Nerdstrong Private Training can help with:

  • Personalized Strength & Conditioning Training

  • Personalized Mobility Training

  • General Fitness and Nutrition Guidance

  • Fine-tuning Movements and Increasing Performance

  • Guiding you through your First Steps into Fitness

  • Goal-tracking and Benchmarking your Success

We are here for your success.

Overwhelmed? Feeling alone in your fitness adventure? We are here to help.

Rolled a 1 on your Motivation perk? Confused on first steps? We are here to help.

Tired of the endless cycle of losing the weight to gaining it all back again? We are here to help.

Don't ever think you're alone on this journey. We can be your support class and all you have to do is reach out to us!