Completion Time:

3 - 4 min = Master

4 - 5 min = Knight

5 - 6 min = Commander

6 - 7 min = Squire

7 + = Apprentice

Complete this workout in the required time in order to move to Level 2.

5 rounds of:
- 5x Kneeling Pushup
- 10x Situp
- 15x Squat
1/4 mile Run

This looks hard, where do I start?
First, let's get the movements down. Check out our movement videos to learn proper movement and scaling for you.

  • Pushup
  • Situp
  • Squat
  • Running Technique


How do I get better at this stuff?
Know that you will get better, we promise. Keep at it. You'll have good days and bad but after a couple of days or weeks, you'll start to see improvement in your muscle capacity first. Then, your strength will start to see improvement. Your form will get better and all of these things will combine to see your output start to match your expectations. Hang in there, hero. We believe in you. If you need us, email us or tap into the Nerdstrong Heroic Community.