Rogue's Dash

Rogue's Dash

Battle Structure

  • Type: Ladder
  • Duration: Climb from 1 to 10 reps and back down inside 12 minutes.
  • Goal: Complete the ladder in the shortest time possible.

Battle Movements

  • Shadow Dodge (Lateral Jumps, 1-10-1 reps)
  • Quick Blades (Speed Skaters, 1-10-1 reps per side)
  • Thief's Escape (Burpees, 1-10-1 reps)
  • Rest between ladders: 20 seconds

Challenge Weight

  • No weights required for agility focus.


  • Stealth Mode: Each time you complete the upward to downward ladder, perform a 1-minute silent jog in place focusing on minimal noise and maximum foot speed.

D20 Roll After Each Completed Round, Affects next round only

  • 1-5: Increase each movement by 2 reps (making the agility challenge tougher).
  • 6-10: Reduce the rest time between ladders by 10 seconds.
  • 11-15: No changes (steady state).
  • 16-20: Gain a "swift stealth" bonus—reduce each movement by 1 rep on the next climb.

End of Battle

  • Cooldown: Engage in dynamic stretches focusing on the legs and hips, such as leg swings and hip circles.
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