Enhance Upper Body Strength

Enhance Upper Body Strength


  • Number of Rounds: 3
  • Timed Parameters: Fixed intervals each round (45s work/15s rest throughout).


  • Dumbbell Movement 1: Arnold Press
  • Bodyweight Movement 2: Diamond Push-ups
  • Dumbbell Movement 3: Bent Over Reverse Flyes
  • Cardio (based on d20 roll):
    • 1-5: Shadow Boxing (add quick footwork if roll is 1-3)
    • 6-10: Arm Sprint (run in place with exaggerated arm movements; add high knees if roll is 6-8)
    • 11-16: Plank Ups (add a leg lift if roll is 11-13)
    • 17-20: Rest

SideQuests (Roll the dice before each round to activate one)

  • Strength Surge (Roll 1-5): Increase the weight for the Arnold Press.
  • Precision Push (Roll 6-10): Focus on slowing down each rep of Diamond Push-ups to increase muscle tension.
  • Flexibility Focus (Roll 11-16): Incorporate a brief stretch between sets of Reverse Flyes to improve shoulder mobility.

Skill Notes

  • Arnold Press: Start with dumbbells in front of your shoulders, palms facing you. As you press the dumbbells overhead, rotate your wrists so that palms face forward at the top. This targets more shoulder muscles than a standard press.
  • Diamond Push-ups: Position your hands so that your thumbs and index fingers touch, forming a diamond shape. This variation intensifies the focus on your triceps and inner chest.
  • Bent Over Reverse Flyes: Hinge at the hips with a slight bend in the knees, keep your back flat. With palms facing each other, lift the dumbbells to the sides, focusing on squeezing the shoulder blades together.
  • Shadow Boxing: Punch the air as if boxing an opponent. Include quick footwork for a higher cardio intensity.
  • Arm Sprint: Mimic the action of sprinting, focusing on moving your arms vigorously to drive your body, optionally raising your knees for added intensity.
  • Plank Ups: Start in a plank position on your forearms and push up onto your hands, then return to your forearms. Add a leg lift for extra core challenge.
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