Introducing Nerdstrong24


This has been one of the most asked for features and now, thanks to technology and robots, we can officially offer it. Introducing Nerdstrong24, our service allowing you access to Nerdstrong when you need it most.

We know some of you carry two gym memberships due to the limited schedule of gym like ours. Nerdstrong24 will allow you access to the gym using your personal code during non-class times. With that amazing benefit comes responsibility. 

This is an exciting new feature we are glad to offer our customers.


  1. Depending on when you attend the gym, there will be no one on staff. You will be accepting personal responsibility for your safety. We ask that you don't do anything that might put yourself in a dangerous situation at all times. Please use the equipment responsibly and within your ability. 

  2. Only YOU are allowed access to the gym. Please NO GUESTS.

  3. Your code is personal and private. Please do not share this code. Giving your code to anyone will result in immediate revoking of all Nerdstrong24 privileges. Your code will be deleted from the system and another code will not be given. 

  4. To be qualified to purchase Nerdstrong24, you must currently be a recurring monthly paying member with a history of 90 days of payments (sorry, no class pack holders). To request Nerdstrong24, email Coach Andrew at

  5. There is a security camera that will be on at all times. Your entry and exit will be logged as well. 


The monthly recurring price will be $24.99 until 5-15-19 (then the price will increase to $34.99) It will be billed separately from your monthly membership. It can only be purchased upon the approval of the owner.


  1. Pass your hand over the lock screen. Enter your personal code then press the checkmark. The door will unlock if entered successfully. 

  2. Turn on the lights. Workout!


  1. Put all equipment away. Wipe down anything that needs it. 

  2. Turn off the lights and be sure the rollup doors are down. 

  3. Pass your hand over the panel, the door will lock. YOU MUST LOCK THE DOOR EACH TIME. IT DOES NOT LOCK AUTOMATICALLY. 

Coach Andrew