Nerdstrong's House Wars


This is it. The month you’ve been waiting for. Yes, it’s House Wars month (also something about Halloween) and Nerdstrong is holding a month-long competition between the gym’s Houses. Also, we’re holding a huge, gym-wide event on October 26th from 8am to 11am called the HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIP to earn the right to put your house name on the Gleaming Wand of Winning (supplied by Corson Forge via Nerdstronger Adam Corson).

Starting October 1st and running through October 26th, House Wars will test your skills, your abilities and your wizardry at fitness. We’re very excited about it, so let’s get started on what’s happening:


The house with the most points at the end of the Championship, wins.


  • Come to class. Most points can only be earned at the gym before, during or after class.

  • Duel other Wizards (Nerdstrongers) before or after class.

  • Organize a House Mixer.

  • Patty Points.

  • Win events at the House Championship.


  • Once per class, that class’s coach can give out ONE POINT to any house for any reason they choose. Coaches can also choose to not give out a point. (Coaches can not take away points).

  • A Nerdstrong Coach participating in a class as a class member can earn points.


  • Once per class, only one duel can take place before or after the class. Duels can not bleed into the class time, if they do, the duel is forfeited.

  • Duels have a Challenger and a Challengee. Both must agree to the challenge. Both must be present for the duel. A person cannot choose someone else to duel in their place. Whomever wins the duel, wins the point.

  • Duels are chosen from a Sorting Hat. Duels are mini-workouts that are 1 min, 2 min or 3 min in length. Once a duel is pulled from the hat, that is the duel. You can not pick again or replace a duel. If the Challenger can not perform the workout or movements, the duel is forfeit. There are no movement substitutions (say substituting a lunge for a squat). If a Challengee cannot perform the required movement(s), the Challenger wins the duel and gets the point.

  • Modifying a movement in order to perform the required movement is allowable.

  • No points are lost for a forfeit or loss.

  • A wizard can duel only ONCE PER DAY, so choose wisely.

  • The coach has final say on all aspects of the duel.

  • In case of a tie, coach can decide whether to give both houses a point or no points for either.

  • What if it’s a weighted challenge that includes say a barbell or dumbbells? Challengee picks Challenger’s weight within reason. No one can choose weight that is not challenging to them. The coach can decide to change a weight at any time before beginning the challenge.

  • The coach controls the clock of any duel.

  • Cheating or try to “game” a duel in your favor can forfeit the duel and coach could give the point to the non-cheating party. Professor Dumbledeutsch will be informed promptly of any cheating house member. Do not tarnish your house name.

  • A Nerdstrong Coach, who is not coaching the current class, CAN participate in a Wizard Duel.


  • Every Friday Night one House will have the opportunity to earn more points via a House Mixer. Dates will be chosen at random and assigned on 9/20.

  • Where the mixer is held is up to the House. Mixer can be held at the gym, but the House is responsible for set up and clean up. Not properly cleaning up the gym after the mixer will result in a forfeiture of the points.

  • Houses can invite gym members from other houses.

  • To earn points, you must post a pic to your social media feed on the Friday night of your event, tag #nerdstrong, #nerdstronghousewars. The number of current gym members in the pic = 1 pt per gym member granted to the House that held the mixer. (Gym members can be from any house)

  • How you get members to your mixer is up to the House.

  • For every point earned, Nerdstrong will donate $1 to the charity of the House’s choice.

PATTY POINTS - 1 point

  • A person can earn 1 point from our Gym Manager, Patty Robinson, by doing House Elf-type tasks around the gym. These tasks aren’t particularly glorious or even fun, you might hate doing them, but they’re worth 1 point! So, yay!

  • Patty can give away 1 point per day. Patty can also choose not to give a point after the task is complete if it isn’t done up to snuff.

  • Patty can not give herself points.

  • Patty must be present in the gym during the entire task.


  • On October 26th, Nerdstrong will cancel all classes that day and hold a special event from 8am - 11am. There will be a food truck!

  • We will hold four workout challenges. Three smaller challenges and one main challenge titled “The Basilisk”. Challenges will be announced on October 6th.

  • ONLY HOUSE CHAMPIONS CAN COMPETE IN THE CHALLENGES. During October, any person can nominate themselves to become a House Champion. Each House must have three (3) champions to compete on the 26th. Houses can choose their champions in their own way: voting, random selection, bribing, whatever. At the end of the selection process, the House must have three champions on the day of the event.

  • A Nerdstrong Coach, from your house, can participate as a House Champion.

  • Smaller challenges will be 5-8 min in length. The big challenge could take much longer.

  • Winning just the big challenge will not guarantee overall victory.

  • There will be points awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.


These challenges are team challenges. All three champions must compete in each challenge. You can be no rep’d for poor form and poor sportsmanship. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • “Phoenix” - 3000m Team Row. Each champion must row 1000m, no more, no less. How the three champions breakup their work is up to them. All three champions MUST row. Fastest team wins. Rower dampener will be set at 5. After the 3000 meter limit is finished, all champions must then run across the finish line together.

  • “Buzzbeak”- 9 lap team run with 20# sandbag on shoulders. Each champion must run 3 laps, no more, no less. How the three champions breakup their work is up to them. All three champions MUST run. Fastest team wins. Sandbag must be set behind the neck, both hands in the loops of the bag for the entirety of their run. Teams will use same sandbag, handing it off to each other.

  • “Aragog” - 5 min. Team Burpee Box Jumps using a 20” box. Each champion must participate. There are no modification to the box height. Chest must touch the ground with every burpee rep. Burpees are done at a 90 degree angle to the box. Leap to box must be minimum 12” from bottom edge of box. Both feet must land at the same time. Must stand up fully at the end of each rep. Step down only. Most reps wins.

  • “Basilisk” - Chipper
    All three champions must compete. How the work is divided is up to the champions. YOU CAN BE NO REP’D FOR POOR FORM. Safety first!
    50x Pushup (chest to floor, arms fully extend at beginning and end of movement)
    50x Jump Squat (toes must leave ground, hips locked out at top of movement)
    50x Inverted Row (body locked in reverse plank, chest to bar)
    1 min Plank Hold (arms locked out, perfect form - if forms breaks or champion drops, start timer over) - Receive key.
    50x DB Shoulder Press, with 25# DB’s (arms locked out at end of movement, DB’s can NOT touch shoulders between reps, DB’s must drop in order to rest)
    50x DB Front Squat, with 25# DB’s (squat to medball, DB’s must be in the front rack position)
    50x DB Step-Up (total, 25x each side), with 25# DB’s, 20# box height. (must alternate legs with each rep. Must stand at end of movement)
    1 min Plank Hold - Receive key.
    50x Renegade Row, with 15# DB’s (must be done in hi-plank position)
    50x V-Up’s (toes and fingers must touch, body must fold (legs and back cannot be touching the ground at end of rep)
    50x KB Swing, with 53# red kettlebell. (KB must hit target at end of each rep, hips must lock out)
    1 min Plank Hold - Receive key.
    After the team has all three keys, they will travel to the next station where they must put the keys in the right order in release their House mascot. The team must then cross the finish line together, with their mascot in hand, in order to win. Fastest team wins.


  • All professors (coaches) have final say during duels, point giving, etc. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated, plus, it’s lame. Professor Dumbledeutsch has final say on all rules.


  • The winning house will have their House named engraved upon the Gleaming Wand of Winning (forged by Corson Forge) that will be presented at Nerdstrong HQ for all to see for eternity. Plus, they get bragging rights for one year until the next House Wars.

  • There might be other prizes.

This will be an exciting month for Nerdstrong and will definitely be a test of your physical wizardry. As always, good sportsmanship and building community is the goal.

“You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!”

Professor Dumbledeutsch