Nerdstrong's Charity Check-In for May


Starting May 15th and continuing through May 31st, Nerdstrong will be holding our first fundraising event, which will benefit the Burbank Animal Shelter

Here's the deal:

  • For every Facebook check-in, Nerdstrong will donate .25 cents.

  • Optional: Nerdstrong will be collecting canned pet food for donation.

We were inspired to support Burbank Animal Shelter, as coaches Tiffany Brain and Travis Riner have volunteered there over the years. Not only that, but our membership has a deep love of their pets, and we knew that giving back to a shelter that means so much to our coaches and our community would do a world of good. 

The City of Burbank Animal Shelter has been providing quality Animal Control services since the 1950s. Their mission is to return lost animals to their owners, to find loving homes for stray animals, and to control overpopulation through consistent spay/neuter efforts. They strive to eliminate animal suffering by educating the public and enforcing the humane treatment of animals. 

If you would like to know more about the shelter itself, please check out: https://www.burbankpd. org/programs/animal-shelter/. If you would like to volunteer your time or donations to the shelter yourself, you can link to the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter here:

Join us as we give back to an organization that means so much to our furry friends and family.

Live long and prospurrrr.

Oh, one more thing:Auto-tuned kittens.