Saturday's Might and Metal class is evolving


Saturday's Might and Metal class is evolving and needs your help finding a name!

The Saturday class soon-to-be-formally-known as Might & Metal is being refined to greatly expand your body’s physical capabilities. By increasing the focus on endurance, stamina, and willpower. Nerdstrong’s ____________  class will strip you of doubt and show you how powerful you truly are. Though our coaches are always on the lookout for teachable moments, this isn't a class focused on teaching. Participation is a commitment to discipline and challenge and therefore requires a solid grasp of form, technique, and muscle memory.

Currently, we are referring affectionately to this class as simply "Advanced Strength + Conditioning.” We are painfully aware of how very boring this is, so we would like your help in naming it. Something that communicates challenge, growth, and fearlessness. Something only those giant brains of yours can come up with.

(If we use your name, you’ll get the first custom class t-shirt.)

You have until Friday @ noon to submit your suggestions. Add any naming suggestions to the comments on this post!