The Nerdstrong Wall Workout

Have you ever found yourself in a room? A room with a wall? Well, now you can use that wall to do a quick workout at home or at the office or if you're trapped in a dungeon or you're one of those jailed pirates on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (something we can all relate to) and you need to pass the time until you're keelhauled. 

Remember, the wall should be solid and be able to support your bodyweight being pressed into it so make sure you don't put your foot or hand through a flimsy drywall sheet. 


  1. A WALL - Clearly, we're not talking metaphorically, but everyone has a wall. 
  2. YOURSELF - All movements can be done with just your bodyweight.



A great movement to include in any workout as it both affects your core and lower body. Stabilize your skull, shoulders and glutes against the wall. Sit into a 90 degree pose, feet flat with ankles under your knees. Then, remove your tendency to put your hands on top of your thighs by extending your arms. Pull your shoulders back to the wall, then breathe and hold. 


Wall Sit Variations

One leg extended. Switch at the halfway point.

One leg extended. Switch at the halfway point.

Tiptop wall sit. This is definitely a quad burner!

Tiptop wall sit. This is definitely a quad burner!


Start in a standing position about eight inches or so facing away from the wall. While keeping your chest proud and spine straight, bend or hinge at the hips, sending your butt back towards the wall. Your upper body will be at a 45 degree angle with your palms hovering over your knee caps. Make sure that when your knees bend that they don't push forward towards your toes too much. You should feel this in the back of your legs, glutes and upper/lower back. Stick and hold!



This is a tough one. Think about a plank but with more gravity. You'll need to set one foot at a time against the wall. So, push one foot into the wall, set your core and then push the other foot into the wall and flex your body. Hold for as long as possible without your hips bowing towards the ground. 

2018-07-24 10.51.23.jpg
2018-07-24 10.51.26.jpg
2018-07-24 10.51.32.jpg


The wall pushup is one of our movement regressions for the pushup. This allows you to access the pushup position in a safe manner to maintain control over your bodyweight. Start in a pushup position with hands slightly wider than shoulder width, hands turned out about 5 degrees, keeping the elbows at a 45 degree angle. Gently lower your chest to the wall (due to the angle, your face will probably get to the wall first...protect your face!) and then push away from the wall. If you're an experienced pushup-er, then flex your muscles on the way in and out of the movement while slowing it down significantly. 



This a great isolation movement for the back of the arms, or tricep muscles. Start with your hands placed close together on the wall. Straighten your body and get into your tip toes. Lower your elbows to the wall until your forearms are flat against the wall. Then press your body away from the wall, focusing on your upper arms to provide the most activation. 

Keep those heels up and core tight!

Keep those heels up and core tight!


"Wall Breaker Workout"

5x :30 second rounds of:

  • Wall Sit

  • Wall Pushup

  • Wall Plank

  • Wall Hinge Hold

  • Wall Tricep Press

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