How to Survive the Lines at Comic-Con

Nerdstrongers love Comic-Con and part of the experience, unfortunately, is waiting in a line or two. Whether you're grabbing a few con exclusives or hitting Hall H for your favorite panel here are a few stretches that you can do in line to keep you limber. 

Let's start with the basics...standing.

I know you're going to be on your phone so let's work on that posture a bit. Try not to hunch over when staring at your phone. Pull the phone up and it'll pull up your head, in turn, straighten your spine and get you in a more structurally sound stance. 

Bent spine. Poor posture

Bent spine. Poor posture

Straight spine. Good posture.

Straight spine. Good posture.

Hamstring Stretch

Lean slightly into the wall, forearms set to the wall. Bend the front knee and straighten the back leg until you feel the stretch down the back of the leg from your achilles to under your glutes. This is great for tired legs from standing too long. 

Hold for 30 seconds on each leg.


Pigeon Stretch

This is great for the glutes. Pull the leg up and grab under the knee and ankle (you can use a friend for balance). Gently pull the entire lower leg up until you feel the stretch in your glute.

Hold for about 10-30 seconds. 


Shoulder Stretch

Tight shoulders can cause added stress and fatigue and when waiting in line, that's two things you don't want. Put your hands onto the wall and put yourself into a "L" shape. Straighten your legs and arms and keep your shoulders in line with your spine. Press the torso down a bit until you feel the stretch in the scapula (shoulder blades) muscles.

Hold for about 30-60 seconds. 


Hamstring and Lower Back

Put one leg over the other, keep them as straight as possible. Gently roll forward and try to touch the toes. Take a few breaths on each leg. Don't just stand straight up. Slowly roll back up, vertebrae by vertebrae. You'll feel the stretch in the back of the legs and lower back.

Hold for a good 30 seconds on each side.  


Quadricep Stretch

Stand straight and tall. Keep your hand on the wall or a friend for balance. Grab your shin bone and pull your heel into your glute. Try to align your knees (don't have one knee pulled behind the other). Make sure to stand straight to get the full effect of this stretch as it can be felt not only in the front of the leg but into the lower abdomen and core.

Hold for 30-60 seconds on each leg.


Torso Stretch

Interlace the fingers, turn the palms to the sky. Extend the arms and press into the sky fully extending the body. Keep you core set and feet planted and slowly bend to one side and the other.

Hold the pose 15-30 seconds on each side.


Doorway Stretch

Designed to open the chest. Place your hand behind you, keep the arm straight and turn away from the wall. Don't overdue it, just turn enough to feel the stretch in your chest.

Hold for about 60 seconds each side.



Well, it's a squat. You've done it since you're a baby but you may have lost the ability to sit into it for a long period of time. Assume a squat stance with your feet (a little wider than your hips) and take your butt to your heels. Rest into the position for a bit. You can optionally put your elbows inside your knees and gently press out, opening the hips.

See if you can hold the pose for 1 min or more. 


Shoulder Stretch

Take your arm across the body but it keep it straight (too many people use a noodle arm in this pose). Bring your other arm above the elbow and "lock" the arm into place. Bring the arm into the body until you feel the stretch in your rear deltoid (shoulder muscle). 

Hold on each arm for about 30 seconds. 


Tricep Stretch

Take your arm behind your head and see if you can touch your fingertips to your spine. Grab your arm above the elbow and slowly pull on the arm until you feel the stretch in the back of your arm. For an extra stretch, look up while your holding the stretch.

Hold for 20-30 seconds on each arm.


Neck Stretch

Stand straight and tell. Gently grab the top and side of your head and slowly take your head to your shoulder. Don't shrug the shoulder while doing the stretch. Keep your shoulder down and back and tilt your head until you feel the stretch on the opposite side of your neck and trapezius muscle (back of the neck). 

Hold on both sides for about 30 seconds.


These are a few things you can do to keep limber and healthy during any Con where you're standing or walking a lot. Take some time  and recenter your body and you'll feel the benefits.

Also, high five a Nerdstrong member if you see them wearing their gear!

Enjoy the Con!!
- Coach Andrew

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