Battling Your Battles

At Nerdstrong, every workout is a battle. That’s why we refer to all of our workouts as “battles.”

We don’t mean that every workout is an actual Braveheart-style clash of swords and guts… but every day you enter the gym, it’s still a battle you fight.

Here are a few Nerdstrong tips you can use to survive every battle:

Be Strategic
Every battle calls for you to strategize, push yourself, and work with great form. 

For each workout think about the movements & rep counts. Consider the parts of the body you’ll be focusing on and the perceived intensity of the battle ahead. Build a strategy to help you avoid frustration and panic if/when the battle takes an unexpected turn, and still get the most out of a workout. 

If the battle calls for a “heavy weight,” you don’t need to use the weight you see everyone else is using. In fact, you should not. That would be like asking an archer to wield a broadsword. Use the weight you can wield safely while perfecting the movement. It’s your weight. If the battle calls for speed, it’s your speed. 

Having a mental strategy is one thing, but if it doesn’t align with a physical strategy, you are not ready to fight. You’ll cook yourself halfway through, get frustrated, then get smashed by some Scotsman with a rusty axe -- how helpful is that? Braveheart taught us that it is not helpful at all.

Be Prepared
Before each battle, do a check-in. Check your gear. Sharpen your sword. Replenish your rations. Maybe meditate and reapply your facepaint. 

Food and rest matter most when it comes to preparing for battle. If you know you’re have a tough workout tomorrow, eat well and get some extra rest tonight. 

Local Nerdstrong Heroes always hear us encouraging physical prep before starting a complicated movement at the gym. For Example:

  • Where are your feet placed?

  • Are your feet in line with your hips?

  • Are your hips engaged and supporting your upper body? 

  • Is your spine straight?

  • Are your shoulders rolled back and down? 

  • Is your eye-line right for this movement? 

This may seem like a lot to remember, but that’s what training is for! In the beginning, it might seem dumb to ask yourself these questions every single time you’re about to do anything while at the gym, but in a few weeks you won’t even notice it and you’ll be getting the most out of every workout.

Keep the Endgame in Mind
At Nerdstrong, every workout has a goal attached to it. 

Think about the battle and what the end goal is.

  • Structural workouts need to be fought with intention and focus.

  • Exhaustive workouts require strong form, willpower, and breath work.

  • Mobility workouts require constant body awareness, its limitations, and perfect placement.

Every end goal requires a different battle plan.

Example! Don’t charge into a mobility battle with the “I’m going to do this the fastest and with the most weight and win!” mentality. Work with intention instead, feeling each movement as perfectly as possible, checking in with your body. 

Remember! You always have choices to make that can improve your effectiveness in all battles. Commit yourself to working strategically toward a clear end goal, ensuring your victory no matter how many epic speeches you have to give yourself along the way.

To your post-battle feast,
Gym Master Andrew