New Policies + Schedule Changes


Nerdstrongers, we have some new policy changes and schedule updates we are incredibly excited about! So... here we go!

Policy Update - No Show/Cancellation Policy

Nerdstrong -- while strong in spirit -- is limited in space. Keeping class sizes capped not only provides enough room for every Hero to be awesome, it also allows our Gym Masters to properly see, coach, and lead all classes safely and effectively.

But to keep the gym running smoothly, we need your help.

On a daily basis, a small but impactful percentage of people fail to show up for a class they'd previously signed up for. Most peak-hour classes have waitlists full of members who would LOVE to take the class. When you no-show, you rob your fellow Heroes the opportunity to get their strong on.

To help combat this, effective April 9th, we will be re-implementing our no-show policy to encourage you to hit the gym while building community-minded behavior: if you do not remove yourself from a class you do NOT attend, you will be charged a $2 no-show fee.

You may continue to cancel classes up to 1 hour prior through the Pike13 app. Inside that 1-hour window however, you will be unable to cancel and will be marked as a “No-Show” for that class.

We understand that sometimes you can’t make it to the gym because a meeting ran long, or your cat threw up everywhere, or you just felt like staying in bed. But let’s be considerate when we can and give others the opportunity to get into the gym. The more people making muscles, the more people we have to defend against the Zombies.

Policy Update - Camera Usage

To protect the privacy of our Nerdstrong staff, Heroes (clients), and visitors, we have guidelines for the use of cameras and camera-equipped smartphones, as well as other recording devices at Nerdstrong.

  • The use of smartphones, cameras, and other capture devices is restricted at Nerdstrong.

  • Anyone must ask a staff member for permission before making recordings of any kind (audio, photo, video, live streams, etc.) inside Nerdstrong Gym or around its immediate external surroundings. 

  • Photos, video, or live streams of any kind are strictly prohibited in the changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, or any other community areas unless authorized by a GM or Nerdstrong staff.

  • Approved photographers must receive verbal permission from any individuals who may appear in the picture. If photographed individuals are under 18 years, the photographer must receive permission from the parent or guardian.

  • In the event of GM approval, live video streams or Instagram videos may be mounted to a single fixed point that allows any individual who does not want to be photographed the opportunity to still participate in the workout without disruption.

When in doubt, ask a GM.

And as always: if someone asks to not be on camera, be respectful. 

Schedule Updates

All schedule changes will begin the week of April 9, 2018

Name Changes

* Nerdstrong Training shall hereby be known as "Foundations."

* Olympic Lifting shall hereby be known as "Might + Metal."

* Nerdstrong Adventure class shall hereby be known as "Nerdstrong Arcade."

* 18/00 shall hereby be known as "Stronghold."

Class Changes


* 8PM - Might + Metal w/ Coach Anne (starts April 16) **NEW CLASS**


Blacksmith attendance will be capped at 10 w/ a waiting list.


* 10AM Open Gym w/ Coach Andrew

* Nerdstrong Labs will be a new experimental class that will occasionally use the 9AM or 10AM time slots. Stay tuned for more info about NS Labs...

Nerdstrong Gym's policies and schedule will continue to evolve based on the needs of the gym, its clients, and its staff. We welcome any and all feedback. Talk to Coach Andrew: