Thanos is collecting the Infinity Gems. Mind. Space. Power. Reality. Time. Soul.

With each one he grows stronger. With each one Thanos gets one step closer to Godhood and his ultimate goal: wipe out half the life in the universe.

He's an unbeatable foe. The Ultimate Boss Monster.

Over the next few weeks, Nerdstrong Heroes are going to be battling Thanos during both Saturday's 8am and 9am Boss Monster classes. In each class, The Mad Titan will acquire another gem... and use it to shatter you, and everything you love, to pieces.

Every workout will be different, and at the conclusion of the four week fight we will take on Thanos with his completed Infinity Gauntlet in an epic two hour Boss Monster finale. In case I'm being unclear: 8am classes will be different from 9am, each one with its own gem.

If you want to fight Thanos in all his forms, you're going to want to attend all the Boss Monster classes for the next four weeks... ...and space is limited so sign up as soon as possible!

What's the point of these Boss Monsters? A Boss Monster is a Nerdstrong version of what the rest of the world might refer to as a "chipper" - meaning a workout you have to chip away at - but we're Nerdstrong so ours involves strange game mechanics and genocidal space titans.

Boss Monster workouts involve a bunch of different movements, generally performed at high volume, in succession, for time. Your goal is to try to do as much damage to the boss as possible by completing as much of the workout as you can. This means winning is rarely a plausible outcome.

I'm not going to kid around here - Thanos is going to win. He's going to beat you to death with that beautiful golden gauntlet.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't fight with everything you have, after all that's what Captain America would do, and there are few superheroes as good (or brave) as Steve Rogers.

Boss Monsters are designed to improve your endurance and strength, but the biggest muscle we aim for is your willpower: your ability to keep fighting even though things look like they're not going to end well. By participating in boss monsters you're committing to push your powers to the absolute limit.

Okay, but what does my limit look like? Here's a simple way to tell: If you can talk during a boss monster, you're not pushing hard enough. You should be incapable of words. Any moment when you're not doing a movement should be spent recovering breath, so you can keep going full throttle. When that timer buzzes and the workout ends, your own hit points should be in the single digits.

Here are a few tips when going to battle with Thanos (+Infinity Gauntlet), Gods, Tarrasques, Godzilla, Nagash (Supreme Lord of the Undead), Ultron, and all other infinitely powerful creatures:

  • Come Early. Warm up. You don't want a cold start one with these workouts. Do a casual 5 - 10 minute run, row, ski, or bike before you start.
  • Don't Sit Down to Recover. Sitting feels great, but it's not an efficient way to rest during a workout. Instead try this: Stand in a hinge position, with your butt back, knees bent and your spine straight, place your hands on your knees, so that they're extended from your shoulders down to your fingers. From the side it should look like your your arms quads and back form a triangle. Focus on breathing out all the way, and you'll naturally take deep breaths back in.
  • Time Your Rests. Look at the clock before the workout starts and choose the maximum rest time you'll allow yourself. Usually breathing for a 5- or 8-count is enough time to get back in the fight.
  • Nothing Is Impossible. Though it is unlikely you will defeat a Nerdstrong boss monster, it's not impossible. Push yourself like there's a chance and you may just surprise yourself.

I wish you the best of luck over the next few weeks. Thanos is the bossest of monsters, for sure.

Your Coach Andrew

P.S. The first two stones have been revealed - check them out here and get ready for the fight of your life.