Kylo Ren Boss Fight - Week 1

The Nerdstrong Whiteboard for our Kylo Ren workout.

The Nerdstrong Whiteboard for our Kylo Ren workout.

I hope everyone who came to the Kylo Ren is a Punk Bossfight this morning enjoyed it. There are four more weeks in this arc, so I figured I'd drop a little bit of background story in here, so you can anticipate what's coming as we move through 3 mini-bosses, and into the final Boss Fight again:

Since the destruction of the Death Star, the First Order (a fanatical rump of the Imperial Government, led by the shadowy figure Snoke, and supported by powerful military assets and the pseudo-Sith Kylo Ren) has formed to fight back against the revived Galactic Republic. Their ruthless military campaigns are frequently successful, but from time to time (as with the *completely unprecedented* destruction of the genius Starkiller Base - sigh), there are significant setbacks. Each prominent figure in the First Order deals with such setbacks in their own way:

FINN discovers he can't fulfill the duties required of a Stormtrooper, and he just gets the heck out, trekking across the deserts of Jakku. He runs, always runs, until he has to face his fears and fight.

TR-8R (or, Nines, as his friends call him) takes comfort in drilling with his favorite weapon, the Z-6 baton, dreaming of cutting down his enemies at close quarters. He's especially keen on getting back at the traitor, Finn.

CAPTAIN PHASMA falls back on her classic military training, finding restive meditation in building strength in her formidable body. She was taken by surprise once; it will not happen again.

GENERAL HUX throws himself at the feet of Supreme Leader Snoke, groveling on the ground, and then getting up and doing it over and over again. He is a man of power and action and despises this obeisance, but one must do what one must do to gain, and keep power.

SUPREME LEADER SNOKE sits in his throne, brooding and planning. There is more to him than meets the eye.

KYLO REN has a different tactic than his fellows. He throws tantrums, smashing everything in sight with his lightsaber. As adversity builds, his tantrums grow more intense and destructive. Deep down, he realizes he'll never live up to the reputation of his grandfather, Darth Vader, and so the tantrums grow ever more vicious. The tantrums serve no purpose.


See you next weekend.

~ Coach David