Getting Through the Dungeon

This comes from the blog of Gym Jones, which, after this weekend, two of our beloved coaches David Nett and Christy Black are now Level 2 Certified (congrats to them as this is not easy to accomplish!).

"The lesson taught via push-ups, and bench press, squats and deadlifts, row intervals and burpees.
[They] learned that some things in life are hard.
[They] learned that it’s okay to want them despite their difficulty.
[They] earned that it’s okay to work hard for them.
Most importantly, [they] learned [they] deserved to work hard for them. [They] learned self-respect.
It’s not my job to make fitness the most important thing in your life.
It’s my job to use fitness as a vehicle to help you find your true calling, and then giving you the voice to answer it."

We started a gym to focus less on achieving a single number and more about the journey, the process. It started on the idea of traveling through a dark dungeon, making choices and being a part of a team so, through collective effort, we would appear on the other side, into the light, with the dungeon behind and our packs full of loot.

Personally, I don't know how many more lessons I have to teach. My once students are becoming masters. My clients are stronger, faster, smarter. I'm an audience member, witnessing you all answer your call whether it be fighter, ranger, bard, rogue, paladin, cleric or mage. As you "level up" through the dungeon, you stand taller, straighter, speak louder, more confident. You fall, but get up quicker. You inspire when you have nothing left. You may not notice, but we do.

As we enter the second half of 2016, even though the dungeon may be dark, know that the gym is more than surface materials, more than metal and maces. It's a hand in the darkness, pulling you up and dusting you off, healing you up and helping you into the next adventure.

Coach Andrew
Head Coach