Introducing 1 Rep Max Days!

Introducing 1 Rep Max Days!

Once a quarter, starting on March 5th, we will be offering a 2 hour class to find your 1 Rep Max on Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench Press, Row, and Push Press. It's an opportunity to see where you are and measure your progress. If you plan on participating in the Thor program, knowing your 1 rep max will give you very accurate starting weights (attending 1 Rep Max Day is not mandatory for Thor).

The class will start with Deadlift and progress to Back Squat, Bench Press, Push Press, and then Row.  We will all complete one lift before moving as a group to the next.

If you choose not to test for one or more lifts, you will still need to wait for the group to complete that lift before moving on. While waiting, you are welcome to work on mobility (and make use of mobility implements), or simply rest for your next lift. All other equipment, save that being used for mobility or for 1 Rep Max work, will be off limits.

We expect this session to last 2 hours, but please keep in mind that it may take longer, depending on class size.  

Coach Andrew