Thor Returns!

With thunderous applause that will shake the very earth you walk upon, we bring back our successful Thor strength-focused program as a recurring class! We had great results from all of the previous participants and they all saw incredible improvements in their lifting ability, mobility and overall strength, so, Nerdstrong would like to give the opportunity to all of our clients to level up their Strength stat as well.


Starting March 8th, 2016, Thor will be a one-hour class Tuesday 8PM, Thursday 8PM, and Sunday 11AM, concentrating on three of the Big Five barbell movements: Bench Press, Push Press, Deadlift, Back Squat and Row. The class is a guided, progressive 5x5 program, starting at a form and capacity-building weight, with weight increasing each time a lift is revisited. 

Thor is designed to build strength. Over the long term, this will mean larger muscles for most people. While building muscle is difficult, with dedication to both hard work and diet over a significant period, tremendous gains in strength and muscle size may be achieved. 

Previous knowledge of these movements is REQUIRED. Starting strength is not a factor; Thor is designed to help increase your strength, regardless of your starting point. However, coaches retain the right to determine if this class is an appropriate fit for you based on your current fitness level and mobility. Please understand that we make decisions for your utmost safety. 

This is not a teaching class. Coaches will be helping you to fine-tune your form and improve upon your knowledge of these lifts, but this is primarily a class to build strength with time and dedication.

This is a doing class. You will be working very hard and are expected to be ON TIME and READY TO LIFT. That means having all your necessary personal items such as lifting shoes, wraps, etc. with you before you start class. 

Starting numbers are based on your current one rep max.  We will offer a one rep max lifting day on March 5, and periodic one rep max days going forward to chart progress (if you choose).  You are not required to attend to the one rep max day to participate in Thor, however it will give you the most accurate starting point.

Thor is designed to work well with other Nerdstrong Gym classes. While the greatest strength gains will be seen by those who dedicate themselves to attending three times each week, and pairing that hard work with smart active recovery, this new version of Thor will also provide strength gains for those who cannot dedicate three days a week, and/or wish to add a specialized strength building program to an existing workout regimen.


Please don't hesitate to contact or for any more information about Thor, it's movements, if it's right for you, etc. We're here to help! 

Coach Andrew