State of the Gym

What an amazing year so far! I'm so taken aback by all of the extraordinary accomplishments of our members with their fitness, the press the gym has been getting and, of course, becoming a father. I feel all the feels. But there are still more things to talk about!

NEW for October!

When we originally started this gym, we tapped into a pre-existing system of fitness that, while effective, doesn’t really speak the same language as our coaches and Nerdstrong family at large. For the last couple months, I've mulled around the idea of "updating our dialogue" when it comes to our workouts, our daily goals, and initiatives that, as a gym, we want our members to tap into. 

Photo courtesy of Brotherwise Games

Photo courtesy of Brotherwise Games

Introducing Quests, Loot, Villains and Boss Monsters! 
The language around workouts at the gym is going to change in October. We're tapping into the process of building a character, just like you would in a pc or rpg-style game, and applying that language to our workouts. Our classes are already called Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, after the Dungeons & Dragons physical abilities, and we want to continue with this idea.

Instead of "warmup", we'll be calling it "Build". Instead of "skill", we'll be calling it "Quest," and instead of "workout", we'll be labeling it "Battle". We'll also be installing a new feature into our workouts called, "Proficiency," and this will act a pre-cursor to our Quest of the day - a movement prep of sorts. 

After the change, your daily workout will look something like this:

Build - Warmup exercises
Proficiency - Movement prep exercises
Quest - A focused skill
Battle - Our workout(s) of the day

These terms may evolve as we go forward, but this is our starting point.

We're also introducing "Villains." Villains are to be defeated, usually on a weekly basis. An example of a weekly villain is "Dehydration". Kill this villain off by drinking more water and keeping yourself hydrated effectively. Villains can and will be a variety of things, so look forward to defeating many of them in the upcoming weeks.

"Loot" will be our monthly goal at Nerdstrong Gym; the treasure we're trying to win each month. For October, it will be improving your Deadlift, and furthering your distance in the 7 Minute Row. Our training and daily workouts will be designed to help you  grind out and uncover this loot for yourself. Additionally, we will encourage everyone to designate personal loot as well. This could be a goal such as, "1 More Pull-Up," or "Run the entire length of the parking lot without stopping." It's 100% personal. And, since loot is so much fun to acquire, you can always make more. :)

In most games, at the end of the level or chapter there is an adversary of immense proportions. It's a wall to be broken through, to be defeated using all your skills. It is a Boss Monster. This "Boss" could be large, like the titans in God of War, or tiny, like the killer rabbit in Monty Python and The Holy Grail. At Nerdstrong Gym, Boss Monster will be an intense, long-form workout that will be challenging to all levels. In October, we'll be taking-on a Boss Monster on the first and last Saturdays. In between, we'll be taking-on smaller versions of the workout - "Mini-Bosses" - that will help you gain experience, knowledge, and strength towards battling the Boss Monster once again at the end of the month, this time doing better, or even defeating it. The movements in the Boss Monster fight will influence workouts throughout the month, helping you to hone your skills and level-up your stamina, strength and ability. 

Our logbooks are in the final stage! Yes, yes, you've heard this before, but this time I mean it. We're really heading to print, and we're very excited to get these into your hands so that you can start utilizing them immediately. In order to get the printers started up, we are offering a pre-sale of the books to our members for $15 each. This covers the cost of printing, and gives us an idea of how many of you actually want them. We may be able to print more books than are pre-ordered, but if you do not pre-order your logbook, we can't guarantee you'll get one.

To pre-order: Log in to your Nerdstrong account. Click "Plans & Passes". Click "Nerdstrong Logbook". Purchase with your pre-existing form of payment. Books will be printed and then ONLY available for pickup at the gym.

Because we've recently secured some trademarks and solidified some of our service marks, we're retiring almost all of our shirt designs currently in the online store. We'll then be introducing new designs with the newest logo, as well as a few surprise shirts! Look for these changes in the next couple months.

We have an exciting new class at Nerdstrong Gym: Pilates. Whether you want to work on your core strength, increase mobility and muscular endurance, or just want to tap into a new area of fitness, Pilates is an amazing resource. Coach Corrin is fantastic, and you will definitely get an enormous amount out of each and every class you have with her. RSVP for Pilates class, every Wednesday at 8pm.