What is Project Thor?


Project Thor is an intense 10-week strength-building program exclusively at Nerdstrong Gym. Our goal will be to increase your 1 Rep Max by 10%-20% and lift Mjolnir - the mythical hammer only bestowed upon those worthy to possess its power.

We will begin Project Thor by testing our 1 rep max for five essential compound lifts - Bench Press, Strict Press, Back Squat, Barbell Row and Deadlift. This initial test will serve as a baseline that we’ll be using to calculate our lifts for the rest of the program. Over 9 weeks, training three times a week, we will progressively increase our working weight on each of these five lifts according to a proven, linear formula. Each week you will aim to add more weight to each lift, progressively increasing your capacity and workload. Each week you will aim to add more weight and, eventually, break your initial 1 rep max.

At the end of the program, we will again test to see whether we are worthy to lift Mjolnir. Our Mjolnir is not forged within the heart of a dying star but something even more mythical: the poundage above your personal records. Successfully lifting Mjolnir will require increasing your 1 rep max in Bench Press, Strict Press, Back Squat, Barbell Row and Deadlift by at least 10%.

Program Dates

After initial testing, we will spend the first two weeks building up your weights and getting your body used to a heavier workload. We will be meeting three (3) times per week. Then we will begin six weeks of heavy work. At the conclusion, we will take a 1 week break for rest and recovery, before a final day of finding your new 1 rep maxes.

August 23th - Intro/Qualification/1 Rep Max
August 25th - Start of Program
Sept 8th - Start working weight
Oct. 19th - One week break
Oct. 25th - Final 1 Rep Max Test

Class Times

Tuesdays at 8pm
Thursdays at 8pm
Sundays at 11am



In order to participate in the Thor program, you must be willing to dedicate yourself to the full program, and meet the minimum mobility requirements. Not everyone who wants to participate will qualify; anyone who is not mobile enough to participate in Thor this round will be provided with a guide to increasing the required mobility in order to qualify for a later program. Qualification is not an indication of advanced status, nor is it a failure to not qualify. It is merely a benchmark on your fitness journey - some will be ready for Thor, some still have work to do.

Full squat below parallel and solidly into the mid-foot and heel.
Torso is an upright position, no folding squat where chest is close to the knees.

Retain proper deadlift position for 30 seconds, engaged in the upper hamstring, shins straight, flat back. Being able to rise to a standing position without rounding the back.

In the strict row position (engaged in the hamstrings, flat back) be able to bring an empty barbell from a straight arm position to touch the chest and return the bar to the starting position without the flat back rising.

Full overhead press in a locked out position. Able to press straight overhead without “bowing” the torso.

How many people can participate?

Due to the size of our space and our current staffing, we need to limit the number of participants to 8-10 total Nerdstrongers.

Do you have to member of Nerdstrong to participate?

Yes, due to the level of commitment required, you have to be a member of the Nerdstrong Gym currently holding a Nerdstrong Unlimited Membership or one of our punchcards

What Next?

Attend our Intro to Project Thor session on August 23rd, 2015 at 1pm at Nerdstrong Gym to review what Project Thor is all about, answer any questions you might have and perform the Qualification Test. Finally, for those that fulfill the requirements, they should be prepared to test their 1 Rep Max's. Plan on approximately 3 hours of your time. BRING CLOTHES TO WORK OUT IN AND WATER!