In Which Coach David Talks About Parking. Seriously.

Superman is not pleased with our parking situation.

Superman is not pleased with our parking situation.

Hey there, Nerdstrongers. Let’s talk about parking.

(In my brain, I hear you all shouting, “Yay!”)

Last June, when we opened Nerdstrong Gym at our current location, we were among the first three residents in our little warehouse/retail complex. Our parking lot was a glorious haven, where nerds could park wherever they liked. No red-marked spaces, reserved for one unit or another. Only two neighbors, and they kept very different hours from us. Andrew was Kubla Khan, and that empty parking lot was the stately pleasure dome in our Xanadu.

Sadly, those days have passed.

Our little retail complex is full, and lots of people park in that lot. In fact, we’re starting to get very full indeed, and sometimes our nerds have trouble finding a place to park. It’s a frustrating problem, but it’s our reality, and since we share that lot with other businesses, it’s not likely to change.

The good news is, we’ve lots of nearby parking available to us, if you find our lot to be full. There’s ample street parking on our side of the street, some a block East of us (toward the K-Mart), and a great deal a block West of us (toward Hungry Fox - I’ve been parking there on Sunday mornings, one of our most crowded times).  Please note that, on our side of the street, there's no parking from 4-7PM. If that should fill up, or the time of day prohibits, there’s a great deal of street parking across the street from us, in both directions (no parking on that side of the street from 7-9AM). 

I know, I know. We’d all rather park in the lot, especially when it is so hot out. It’s terribly convenient, and after the workout we are all so tired. Our legs are jelly. Our cars seem a hundred miles away. But if you swing in there and circle and don’t find anything, know there are lots of options on the street. It’s better to walk a little farther and get to class on time so you can get the full warm-up, than to circle the lot for 10 minutes in hopes someone leaves. Sometimes you’ll be lucky. But most of the time you just miss out on important stretching and mobility work.

Oh, and if you do park across the street, be very careful crossing; walk to a corner and use a crosswalk, please.

That is literally the most words I’ve ever dedicated to the subject of parking. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Or, at least learned a little something. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled nerdery.

~ Coach David

PS: The reserved parking spaces for other units often sit open, but many of the other businesses guard those spaces zealously. I'd err on the side of caution, and not park there. The spaces reserved for Unit 109 (our unit) are open for members, of course! 

Coach Andrew