FREE Sunday Workouts @ 9am

Every Sunday our 9am workout will be FREE!

What do we mean by free? It means that anyone can attend (even people who don't go to #Nerdstrong yet!) and that you won't get charged for coming! It is our way of making our amazing community more accessible to everyone.

Everyone who attends a Nerdstrong workout will have to sign our waiver before participating. This can be done ahead of time by creating an account HERE, which means that you will be able to jump in the minute you arrive at the gym. You can also fill out a waiver after you arrive at the gym, but it might be a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes early to make sure that you have time to complete it without missing any of the fun!

So bring your friends, bring your nemesis, and bring your evil twin to class Sunday at 9am and show them what it means to be #Nerdstrong!