Geeky Workout Gear

Geeks are hitting the gym more than ever, and in response, companies are creating a king's ransom of nerd-themed workout gear.

Flex Comics
This company is a regular on the comic convention circuit. In addition to weekly workout comic strips, Flex Comics creates great workout gear. Their tees, tanks, shorts, and accessories have a great artistic style and capture some of the most popular characters in geekdom.


Activate Apparel
Activate Apparel has a huge assortment of nerd-themed shirts that reach into almost every realm of pop culture. Best of all, each shirt can be printed in a huge variety of styles and colors! They are sure to have something for everyone!


Geeked Out Fitness
Geeked Out Fitness creates workout clothes for geeks, by geeks. This growing company has an excellent collection of shirts available and are starting to branch out into accessories. We love supporting other geek-based start up companies.


Under Armor
This well respected athletic wear company has come out with a comic inspired line called "Alter Ego." Their new designs are for men, women, and children. The Age of Ultron inspired their latest line!


Stride Fitness Apparel
With their "The Nerd Locker" line, Stride Fitness Apparel has created a huge line of unisex workout tanks that are sure to entertain and inspire at the same time. Color choices are a bit limited, but the designs make up for it!


Hot Topic
Hot Topic has become popular on the geek scene for all their pop-culture inspired clothes. While not all of their stuff is designed for workouts, their tanks, shirts, socks, and more have been appearing in gyms all over!


Black Milk Clothing
Black Milk may not be designed to be workout clothes, but their leggings are a staple of many fitness geeks. Why not fill your closet with things that work in the gym or on the street?


Nerdstrong Gym
Our gym has its own line of amazing shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts! Each #Nerdstrong design is available in many different styles and colors! Represent your gym and your geek style at the same time!




Free Swag
Conventions give away geeky tee shirts like they are candy. So a unisex tee doesn't exactly fit with your style? A pair of scissors and some creativity will give you the workout wardrobe of your dreams, without paying big bucks!


Need an awesome nerdy gym to wear your awesome nerdy gear?