Meet Coach Seely

As one of the first Nerdstrongers, Coach Seely, shows the true benefit of hard work. A bit out of shape when he started, he quickly gained skills, knowledge and the ability to craft his engine to where it served him best: longer form workouts. As his strength and skills level up everyday, he has become a source of inspiration and a true leader.

Coach Seely is point man for a number of gym activities. He organizes our Magic: The Gathering play nights, board game nights and two Star Wars RPG groups. In his downtime, as a skilled chef, he can whip up just about anything in the kitchen and it's always delicious.

Andrew is a great partner to have in any workout as he will cheer you on, pushing you a bit harder than you normally would push yourself and loves beating his old scores again and again. His competitive spirit usually is a battle with himself, but, if Coach Andrew beats him in any metric, oh, it's on like Donkey Kong! smile emoticon

Make sure you check in, if you can, to the Open Gym time on Fridays to get a "Seely Special" or ask him to show you our special movement: "The Seely" and, as always, use him as a resource to further your fitness adventure, join him for a workout, connect with him before/after class for tip and tricks or challenge him to a game of X-Wing.

Connect with Coach Seely
Twitter: @andrewseely
Instagram: @andrewseely0