Meet Coach Christy

Coach Christy was one of the first members of Nerdstrong when it was just a small garage gym. She had just finished training for a marathon and was ready to start something new. She stopped in, took our intro and promptly bowed out at about 9 minutes in because she felt nauseous. We all have to start somewhere but through hard work and effort, Coach Christy has been excelling ever since.

Strong, capable and versatile, Christy spent her childhood in gymnastics, allowing her to pop up into a walking handstand whenever she feels like it. Her engine is unstoppable as I have often referred to her as "The Machine" in some workouts and she's always setting fashion trends when it comes to workout gear. I've never seen so many Battlestar Galactica tank tops.

As head of the Missfits, Christy tries to create an amazing environment that is non-judgemental, embracing and encouraging to all of it's members. So, if you're a female at Nerdstrong, ask Coach Christy about the Missfits and when they're next meeting is.

Finally, Nerdstrong is proud to call her Coach as she is always ready for the next challenge, always helpful and full of awesome ideas to get you fit during one of her classes.

Find her on Twitter/Instagram: @geekchristy!