11 Signs you are #Yogastrong

“Yogastrongers," as our gym's yoga students have been nicknamed, are a lesser known subsection of the Nerdstrong community, not unlike Marvel’s “Alpha Flight” (think Canadian Avengers).  No matter what you call us, yoga is catching on as a fantastic way to compliment Nerdstrong’s fitness philosophies.

Here are the top 11 signs that you’re a “Yogastronger”

1.  You adjust your schedule so that you’re free at 6PM on Monday and Friday nights or noon on Thursday.

2.  You’re most recent dilemma is whether to buy the self rolling or the  Yoda yoga mat.

3. Your status updates frequently read: “Getting Bendy” and #nerdmaste

4.  When you hear the song “Mah Nà Mah Nà”,  you think of core work.

5.  Yoga without lavender oil doesn’t compute.

6.  Yoga with the lights on doesn’t compute.

7.  Mid-day downward facing dogs are becoming your normal routine, and your boss is somehow okay with it.

8.  You know where your psoas is and what it does.

9.  You look forward to planking and handstands during your other Nerdstrong Gym workouts.

10.  You know what it means to breathe into your back body and  smile your collar bones open.

11.  You wish everything ended with savasana.

Yogastrong will get you through your days with ease and help you sleep better at night. Side effects include:  contentment, inner peace and joy.  

If you haven't been to a Yogastrong class, sign up now! They are a great addition to your fitness routine!