Sneak Peek Into the Nerdstrong Logbook



With months and months of work, design, testing and more redesign and more testing, we finally have the first edition of our exclusive Nerdstrong Logbook. I'm truly excited to give everyone a sneak peak into the contents and some of the logic that surrounds the book. 


While some programs have their own arbitrary leveling system that only a few can actually connect into, Nerdstrong has created their own leveling system that everyone, regardless of fitness level, can tap into on day one. 

Stats are subjective so each person can focus on what they want. And example might be that an athlete is a Level 1 Pushup and a Level 3 Pullup. That might mean that they would like to concentrate more on their pushups and incrementally improve upon their pullups. Luckily, we have lots of different stats to level up so everyone can choose their own path.


The character sheet is your place to identify who you want to be on your fitness adventure. It's a place to write down goals and define your discipline. Disciplines are a way for you to control how you attack workouts. Do you want to lift a bit more so you can handle the two-handed swords of life, then choose the Fighter discipline or do you want to stay nimble, always alert for traps, then you might want to choose the Rogue discipline. These can be switched out at any time or chosen for each workout or not at all because disciplines are not directly connected to the leveling system. 


We've included a few achievements to possibly attempt in and out of the gym. They can be anything from doubling the reps in the famous Viking workout or climbing a mountain or the easiest achievement of merely opening the logbook for the first time. They are a fun side quest to tackle from time to time, so check 'em out. 


The log pages, of which there are many, allow you to log not only the workouts at the gym, but sleep patterns and an overview of your diet. There are enough to log workouts for an entire year!