DXA Scans this Sunday!

We are having BodySpec visit the gym this Sunday, October 18th, to provide full-body DXA scans for our members at a minimal cost. DXA scans use x-rays technology to get a comprehensive snapshot of bone, fat tissue, and muscle mass. These scans take about 10 minutes.

If you want to sign up or make an appointment at another BodySpec event, you can sign up on the BodySpec Calendar.


1) Prep is important to ensure that you have the most accurate readings possible. It's always better to be scanned before you work out. If you have to work out before your scan, make sure you have a rest period and re-hydrate before your scan.

2) Food is read as part of your body... because it's in your body! Eating a small amount a few hours before your scan won't impact things drastically, but it's best to scan on an empty stomach.

3) Avoid wearing clothes with metal in them, including buttons, underwires, and zippers. Most workout clothes are perfect! This isn't a deal breaker, but really helps!

4) Different scans use different technology and their data shouldn't be compared to each other. Many of us have been scanned by Fit-Fax, which uses a DSM-BIA machine and electric currents to take body readings. DXA scan machines use x-rays. Both tests have different pros and cons, so do some research about the different types of body scans available! The data from the two tests can be very different, and like all data, you will get a better overall idea of your body composition from multiple readings of the same test over a long period of time. Don’t compare apples to oranges!

5) Remember how far you have come! Data can be a powerful tool, but numbers on a page can sometimes distract us from our accomplishments. Use the information you get to continue on your fitness path, but stay focused on how much more you can lift, how much farther you can run, and how much healthier you feel. All your new Nerdstrong friends are always a good thing to remember as well!

You can get more information on how to prep on BodyScan's website: https://www.body-spec.com/before-you-scan