How do I prepare for Nerdstrong?

It's tough starting a new routine especially one that includes physical fitness. Not only are you about to embark on something potentially life-changing but it's all new and weird. You enter into an environment unlike any you've encountered before. There are weights, loud music and person (your Coach) telling you to do things that are difficult and strange. It's a complex decision that involves both the physical and the mental. So, how does one prepare for this new world of fitness. Well, hopefully, these are a few tips and hints that might make the transition a bit easier. 

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This could be stressful, but if you find the energy and wherewithall to actually make it to the gym, take a second and breathe. Tell yourself it's okay. Change is good and this is going to be something different, but you can handle it. You've done harder things than this. Maybe you've completed college or raised a family or the same time. That's way harder than 20 squats. Know that you are capable even if your body isn't. Getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing sometimes. 


I can't tell you how many athletes at the gym have terrible shoes. Shoes just not made for what we do. Cheap shoes will definitely not help your fitness, plus, if you're coming on a regular basis, they will wear out very quickly. Even I have to change out shoes a couple times a year at least. Rogue Fitness has a great and varied collection of shoes to choose from for what we do at the gym. You can always go direct to the source and purchase shoes from Reebok. Also, your local Dick's Sporting Goods carries Reebok Crossfit shoes. 


What does that even mean? Eat well? What it doesn't mean is eat whatever you want. Stop hitting up the fast food and pizza. Stop with the Frappacinos and dessert coffees. Stop with the bag of chips and foot long sandwiches. These things will weigh you down both literally and mentally. You're coming to the gym to change your life, so, change your whole life and that includes what you eat. I encourage my athletes to try a Paleo diet for a few weeks and see what happens. You'll feel a change, I'm sure of it. Google: Paleo recipes and get back in the kitchen.


Clothes are an essential part of your time here at the gym. I don't mean how you look, I mean how you move. Restrictive clothing will restrict your movement and possibly get in the way of performing certain exercises. Wear things that allow a total range of motion. If you can't lift your arms above your head or perform a squat in your workout clothes, time to change them out to something that will support the changes your making. 


A hero's journey is long and filled with achievements both great and small, failures and that moment when they make the decision to power through. The path is strewn with excuses and doubt. The zombie hands of frustration will try to pull you down into their grave. Don't let them. Fight back. Fight everyday. This is your life that's happening right now. This is your journey and it might be a long one. Enjoy it. Smile. A new you is waiting on the other side.