I really don't like you, here's $30.

I am Jack's harsh observation. 

It's out there. I see it all around town. Different parts of town. Different iterations. Different sizes. But it's the same wherever it is and people just love giving it their money. Every month. They don't even like it. Some hate it, but they keep paying. Every month. The same amount. Again and again, for years even. The forget they're even paying. An entire empire built upon forgotten money. 

Drop into a fog, workout, leave and maybe you’ll come back, maybe not, no one will notice.

Those "it's" are the big box gyms. We see them everywhere and we feel inclined to join based upon some kind of social moray that leads us to believe that we'll use it. That we'll get our money's worth. A sea of machines that can almost exercise for us. Tight, lean bodies that have just been sprayed with glycerin right before the photographer snapped the photos line the insides. Perfect hair and makeup after every workout. Group classes named Xtreme Xfit and PlyoBoxumba or whatever else you have no idea what the heck it is. The person at the front who doesn't know you and doesn't care who you are. You're lucky if they acknowledge you. You're a beep in the machine. A barcode. You're $30. Just put on your headphones. Drop into a fog, workout, leave and maybe you'll come back, maybe not, no one will notice. You've officially become a gym zombie. 

It's only $30. So, it's okay. 

Now, just think if that money went to something you loved. That you knew would work, would change your life...even if it was just a little bit. A place of like-minded folks. A community. The workouts challenged you, made you think differently about your own body's capabilities and limits and how to push beyond them. A place that required you to be the machine, not the machine working out for you. A place that cares about who you are and how often you go. Encouraging. Thoughtful. Inspiring. Challenging. 

I guess the question is, "Do I just want to be $30/month?"

If the answer is "yes", then the conversation is over. That system works for you.

If it's "no", then talk to me about how I can make you and your money work better for you. 

Coach Andrew