Equipment Ordered!

NrdFit will be outfitted with one of the best out there: AgainFaster Equipment. They make super high quality pull-up/squat rigs forged right here in the USA.

Our rig will be 24' in length and feature some additions that will make it easy for us to do rope climbs, ring work and for our taller and shorter members, a set of adjustable pull-up bars. The bars will be nickel-plated ensuring the best grip for all those strict pullups you'll be tearing through.

Our barbells will be their Team Barbells in all black (stylish) and of the highest quality. No more Chinese steel, these are 100% American-made and will take serious punishment.

Our bumpers (weights) will be high-quality and able to absorb all of the punishment we're going to be giving them. I've worked with them before at other gyms and am seriously impressed by their quality as I know you will, too.

I will continue to update you on our equipment acquisitions and exactly how we'll be using them. Be assured that everything that is purchased for the gym is thoroughly researched and obsessed over it's inclusion into our fitness regime.

NrdFit out.