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Honestly, we’re more expensive than that gym down the street. That’s because we want to motivate you to include fitness in your daily lives and the best way to do that is with a challenging, fun and inventive environment with the best and most supportive community on the planet at the right price.

Team nerdstrong

Every great fitness experience is backed by great coaches.


Head Coach, Founder

Andrew created Nerdstrong in 2013 in his garage with a few kettlebells, two cats, one barbell and a love for adding games to fitness.



Anne is our Master of Strength. A brilliant and talented coach that specializes in the “power lifts” of clean & jerk, snatch and everything barbell.



Ashley is our Master of Bend and manages to pack a whole season worth of Game of Thrones into every yoga class.



Corrin is made of special starstuff. She is our Master of Mobility and our local Girl Scout cookie hookup.



George appeared one day asking if he could coach at Nerdstrong. When I replied, “Uh, maybe?” He picked up a barbell and broke it over his knee. Now he coaches here to pay off the busted barbell.



Patty, or the Master of Lists and Motivation, gives the whole place a Hufflepuff heart and a Carebear stare. You need something, Patty will make it happen.



Tiffany is the Master of Fight and Monster Conquering. She excels in Boss Monster workouts, Viking and Amazon training, plus, she may or may not be Captain Marvel.



Travis is our Master of Striking and Controlled Violence (or kickboxing for you boring people). His classes are educational, rewarding and you get to punch things. Who needs anything else?



Fitness Game Design Workshop

Hypernerd Lifting Program

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Testimonial: Joanna

When did you start at Nerdstrong?
I went to my first class in August 2015 and started coming regularly in February 2016.

What was your goal when you started?
After doing housework my back would ache, sometimes for days. I knew I needed to build up my core strength because I sit at a desk all day, but I don't like most traditional gyms or sports. Nerdstrong was different and approachable, and what kept me coming back was that I was laughing through workouts because we were having so much fun. I went from hating exercise to loving Crossfit, and now boxing too! 

What is your goal now?
To continue participating in a community based around health, strength, and fandom. To improve my boxing skills and try other new sports. To push myself to do things that scare me, things that I think I can't do, and things that I used to think weren't meant for me but I now know are open to anyone and everyone.

What was one of your greatest personal fitness achievements since starting at Nerdstrong?
At the first Boss Monster class of 2019, Coach Tiffany had us test ourselves: how many pushups we could do in one minute, how long could we hold a plank, timing a mile-long run, etc. At the end of January we tested ourselves again and I improved in every category, including running a mile without stopping to walk, which I haven't done in years (possibly ever). Seeing my progress is what makes every early morning workout and sore muscle all worth it.

2019-03-09 09.20.09.jpg

Testimonial: Meg

When did you start at Nerdstrong?
I started in June of 2018 so we're right around the corner of my anniversary.

What was your goal when you started?
My goal was to just be active again and get out of my rut of just going to my desk, working 12+ hours and then going back to bed. (repeat)

What is your goal now?
I know I'm capable of quite a few things more than I originally thought since starting, now it's time for the kids gloves to come off.  I want to be more accountable for making the gym time work for myself to reach more intense physical goals that's I've always written off because of my comfort zones (better runner, 1 full actual pull-up).

What was one of your greatest personal fitness achievements since starting at Nerdstrong?
500 legitimate squats in one day.  I've babied my knees and hips for so long out of fear of doing serious damage, that when I finally paid attention and put the time in, I damn near cried when I managed that for Squat-tember.  I haven't felt that strong in years.


People join Nerdstrong because they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. Sure, our professors (coaches) can whip up individual potions of strength for each person, but our gym is built on our passion to help each other, support each other and making sure we don’t take each step alone. Our community is the Samwise to your Frodo. x3000.

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Is it time for change? Is it time to upgrade your stats? Is it time to roll a new character?
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