Amazon WARRIOR Weekend


June 2nd and 3rd / 2 - 6pm

The Amazon Warrior Weekend is Nerdstrong's first women only, two day fitness, self-defense, and weapon's training weekend. 

The Amazons were fierce warriors who the lived on the fringes of the ancient world. These legendary battle-scared women tangled with the likes of Achilles, Hercules and Alexander the Great. Tales of their skills in battle were so awe-inspiring that they've survived to this day in the stories of Wonder Woman and the amazons of Themyscira.

Nerdstrong's two day, seminar developed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gold-Medalist Fighter and Gym Master Tiffany Brain and Woman of the Cliff Winner / Fight choreographer Anne Westcott, will have you training and fighting in the spirit of these legendary women.

Due to the size of our space (and all the sword-on-sword action, combat maneuvers, and intense Amazon drills) the Amazon Warrior Weekend is limited to 15 spots. Grab yours now!

 This two-day event includes:


Cardio And Strength Focused Amazon Fitness that will teach you how to push yourself like these warriors of legend. You'll be able to take the skills and techniques from this class and use them to improve your daily fitness routine.


people (1).png

Combat Skills that will have you punching and kicking your way to Glory... and then grabbing Glory throwing it to the ground and punching it some more!



Break Falls And Tumbling to make sure you always end up back on your feet and ready for whatever comes next! Like this ferocious minotaur, for example!



Sword Training to get you feeling comfortable with Steel on Steel combat:This skill set absolutely necessary for day-to-day life, you cannot live without it.




Confidence And Mindfulness Exercises to help you get your mind ready for the power you're about to unleash upon this world. 


you'll learn to...

  • Gain New Appreciation For Your Strength: Most of us don't know what our bodies are truly capable of, but over this weekend you'll learn and apply your strength in a variety of incredible ways. 
  • Become A Badass With A Sword: Gym Master Anne has been training people in the art of swordplay for years, after a few lessons, you'll be able to slay a whole legion of mythic monsters.

  • Walk Around With Amazon Confidence: Through Gym Master Tiffany's tried and tested martial and self-defense skills you'll walk through life with a heroic level of confidence.

  • Learn Tumble and Roll Like An Amazon:  One of the most used skills someone takes away from a martial arts class is the ability to tumble and fall harmlessly. This weekend, Gym Masters Tiffany and Anne, will walk you though this potentially life saving skill set with step-by-step instruction. (By the way, it looks and feels awesome once you get it down.)

  • Enhance Your Command Over Your Body and Mind: Building strength is one thing, combining that strength into daily movements is another. This weekend will be dedicated to bringing together your dexterity and strength so that you're more coordinated and aware in daily life.  

Only 15 spots available.

Who is event this for?

Amazon Warrior Weekend is specifically for Women.


You don't need to have a Nerdstrong membership to join and it's perfect for heroes of all fitness levels. 

As you may have guessed, most Nerdstrong Heroes are nerds first, fitness people second. That's why the Amazon Warrior Weekend is designed keep the fun in fundamentals. 

Do you want to get stronger, feel healthier, look better, maybe slay a cyclops or two?

We will help you get there!

We understand that fitness can be a challenge, so don't worry about anyone screaming over your shoulder. That's not us. Our goal is to create a physically safe and fun environment for you to blow past everything holding you back while practicing with awesome people.

Our trained and knowledgeable Gym Masters (okay, fine, coaches!) will be with you to help you through every sword swing, push-kick, and breakfall. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained for eons, or if this is your first-ever step into a gym, we are committed to seeing you level up, supporting you with a community that is mathematically more awesome than a supernova.

Who wants to be boring, regular strong when you can be Nerdstrong?

If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to email us at: and we'll personally write you back! 


This event is limited to 15 spots - grab yours now!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like you're closer to amazon warriorness and that the Nerdstrong Team hasn't done everything possible to help you succeed, we’ll give you all your money back. 

There is nothing we won’t do to help you succeed. We want to remove all the risk. We have no problem offering a guarantee like this because we feel that the Amazon Warrior Weekend is a super-awesome program that no one else in this galaxy is offering, and we believe our coaches are going to go above and beyond delivering you an unbelievable experience.