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Nerdstrong is fitness for all.

Since 2013, We’ve built one of the most adventurous, creative, inclusive gyms in the known universe. Our coaches are certified to help you get into shape quickly and safely - but more importantly, they can do it while arguing about Hamilton, Star Wars, or specifically: why Ravenclaw is the best house.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained for eons or if this is your first step into a gym, we're committed to seeing you level up.

Nerdstrong is different.

Nerdstrong is different because, well, we put “nerd” in the title. That means we’re passionate about fitness, no matter what you think. We provide a full-body fitness adventure with expert instruction that focuses on form over competition. Best of all, we love facts and science and math and we wrap all that into our awesome fitness burrito!


The Best

Join our unique and thriving community of like-minded, fitness-loving nerds. We really are the best. Let us prove it to you.


"Nerdstrong is committed to the goal that nerds will live long and prosper."

— Allyson, LA

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Is it your time to get Nerdstrong?


Red or Blue Pill?

Are you looking for real change within an environment of amazing nerds that have built one of the most amazingly supportive communities on the planet? Are you a Level 10 Warrior that’s tired of the bro-lifestyle at your current gym? Then, maybe, you choose the Nerdstrong pill. Follow the white rabbit and discover your inner Nerdstrong.



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